25th October 2018

The Giant Defy 2019 Range – what’s new

Giant Defy | Road bike

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The Giant Defy

The Giant Defy has been a popular endurance road bike since it’s launch in 2008. In order to stay up with the competition and remain a great value and great performing bike, Giant has introduced some key upgrades across the Giant Defy range for 2019; summarised in a review by Road Cycling UK as:

Giant Defy Models 2019


Giant launches 2019 Defy endurance bike with improved comfort, bigger tyre clearance and all-new handlebar

Giant Defy | Road bike

Tyre Capacity

The Giant Defy now comes with 28mm tyres as standard (but with the possibility of running up to 32mm). The extra space has come from a new design for the seat stays and tweaked geometry. These wider tyres give more comfort to an endurance road bike. Other benefits of this bigger tyre capacity include better rolling resistance and ability to run a lower tyre pressure.

All new handlebar

A D-Fuse seatpost for cyclocross bikes back in 2014. Giving a smoother ride and better control on mixed terrain, it’s now been expanded into endurance road bikes too. According to Giant, the new carbon Contact SLR D-Fuse and aluminium Contact SL D-Fuse handlebars “has 10 percent more “pushing” or downward compliance and 30 percent more “pulling” or upward stiffness compared to the round-shaped Contact SLR carbon handlebar.”


New for 2019, the Defy Advanced Pro 0 (the top bike in the Defy range) is spec’d with the Giant Power Pro power meter as standard. This fully integrated power meter measures power output, delivers accurate data which will help you track, analyse and improve your performance. It’s compatible with all popular ANT+ head units.

Integrated Stealth Stem

For 2019, all Giant Defy models come with a carbon steerer as standard. Previously, this was only the Advanced Pro models that came with this. However, the Advanced Pro models have also had an upgrade and now come with a Contact SL Stealth stem. This gives better aero performance while retaining the lightweight stiffness with previous stems. And that’s not to mention the cleaner, more streamlined look it gives the bike.

Giant Defy | Road bikes

Giant Defy Advanced 2 | Road bikeGiant Defy Advanced 2 | Road bike Giant Defy Advanced 2 | Road bike Giant Defy Advanced 2 | Road bike

Giant bikes | Giant Defy

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