26th January 2015

Get some TLC for your A to B

A customer recently picked up her repaired bicycle and kindly commented, ‘It works better than new. You should advertise your repair service better and let everyone know how good it is.’

‘Good shout,’ we thought, especially at this time of year when our workshops tend to be less busy, and same-day servicing is the norm rather than the exception.

However, rather than us going on about how good we are, we thought we’d seek out some more customers and find out what they thought…

HeatherCommuting Edinburgh Mum

Heather lives in Edinburgh, and is a social worker and mum. Bike is her main form of transport.

“I enjoy cycling because it’s fun, it’s fast, and it keeps me fit. I’m really into sport and exercise, so as well as using the bike to just get around, I sometimes just go a ride for the fun of it, say around Arthur’s Seat and back.

“I get my bike serviced whenever it needs it, so that’s been about twenty times over the years, with quite a few different bikes. It makes me feel confident that the bike is safe, and that’s so important because I use the bike to taxi around my 4yr old on the child seat. Plus the bike just works better if it’s serviced regularly – I’m sure it goes faster after a service.

“I always used to go to the Edinburgh Bicycle Co-operative in Bruntsfield, but when the new one in Canonmills opened I started going there, because it’s only ten minutes from my house. The staff at the Co-op are always friendly and helpful, they’re obviously passionate and really know their stuff – everything I’ve bought from the shop is quality!”

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