22nd November 2016

How Frog bikes have leapt past the competition

Last updated 23 August 2019
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Frog kids bikes has only been around three years and they’ve already established themselves as Britain’s kids’ bike specialists.

Lighter weight, better equipped and available in more colours and sizes without costing significantly more than the competition, Frog make children’s bikes that kids love to ride.

Whether you’re looking for a Frog all-rounder hybrid bike, a Frog road bike or a Frog balance bike, we’re pretty confident we’ll have it in the size your young ‘un needs.

Just as important, because Frog offer each model in a choice of up to eight colours there’s a good chance we’ll have it in your kid’s favourite.



Frog was founded, and is still owned and managed, by a couple of cycling enthusiasts called Jerry and Shelley. When they looked into purchasing bikes for their own children, they were underwhelmed by what was on offer.

They had a strong hunch they could do better. After establishing key contacts they launched Frog in autumn 2013. We liked what we saw and we have been championing their bikes from the beginning. Read more about Frog here.

The Lightweight Kids’ Bike

Frog’s strap-line is‘The Lightweight Kids’ Bike’.

Making lighter weight bikes is fundamental to what they do.

Why lightweight is great

Compare a Frog 43 against a respected name brand kids’ mountain bike that’s the same size. The Frog is 6.5kg. The MTB is 8.6kg. That’s a difference of almost 25%.

To put that 25% difference into context, that’s the equivalent of an adult upgrading from a decent 12kg utilitarian hybrid bike costing around £400 to an elite 9kg road bike costing over a grand.

Such a drop in weight makes a tangible difference any rider can appreciate, especially on climbs. Imagine the difference it makes for a younger rider learning how to control and manoeuvre their new bike. Making it lighter weight makes a Frog a safer bike that’s more fun to ride.

frog kids bike

All alloy

Every Frog kids bike is built on a lightweight aluminium frame, as is the case with the majority of today’s better quality kids’ bikes.

The Frog difference is that their bikes’ key components – the wheel rims, hubs, cranks, handlebar, stem, seatpost, V-brakes and brake levers – are lightweight aluminium alloy too. Check the spec of their competitors’ bikes and you’ll find many of these parts are heavier steel.

Zero suspension

Most important, Frog resists the fashion to equip their bikes with suspension forks – often the heaviest single component on their competitors’ bikes. Instead, they make major savings in both the weight and the feel of their bikes by fitting rigid alloy forks – with the added bonus that rigid forks never require maintenance.

Frog kids bikeSmoother rolling tyres

Noting that kids ride mostly on cycle paths, quiet roads and pavements, Frog eschewed the trend towards 2” wide knobbly mountain tyres, and shod all their bikes with semi-smooth tyres that are less fat (usually 1.5” with).

Specifying lighter tyres with lower rolling resistance is yet another reason why Frog bikes ride better.

Sensible sizing

Frog bikes are sized by minimum standover height (based on the rider’s inside leg measurement from crotch to floor). For instance, a Frog 52’s standover height is 52cm. This system makes it easy to judge which size will best fit your youngster.

Frog Tadpole Union Jack

The Frog Tadpole in Union Jack colour scheme, and many others.

 A British success story

Frog have joined Whyte, Genesis and Brompton in the pantheon of British-designed bikes that compare favourably with the best in the world.

This puts Frog in a perfect position to work with other key players in the UK cycling scene. For instance, Team Sky are delighted to authorise Frog to use their livery as part of their commitment to encourage people to get into cycling from the earliest age.

That’s why Team Sky is a Frog colour option available on every model – even their Tadpole balance bikes.

Frog’s relationship with Team Sky and Team GB is more than a branding exercise. It has helped Frog create bikes that are scientifically proven to be easier for youngsters to pedal – thanks to their lower Q-Factor

 Lowest Q-Factor

When independent researchers at Brunel University confirmed that a low Q-factor (the distance between a bike’s pedals) maximizes pedalling efficiency – especially for young riders – Frog teamed up with Dimitris Katsanis (a key member of the Secret Squirrel team behind Team GB’s track bikes) to design new cranks for their bikes.

Going to such lengths to lower the Q-Factor of their bikes by at least 27mm is testimony to how far Frog are prepared to go to create better kids’ bicycles. Few adult bike makers go to that trouble – even though low Q-Factor has been a prime goal of elite riders since the 1990s when Graeme Obree famously fitted a washing machine bearing to minimize the distance between the pedals of his hour record-breaking bike.

Frogs keep their value

Given their quality, their good name and their alloy-rich rust resistant spec, Frog bikes tend to be very sellable or ‘hand-downable’ once they are outgrown.


Frog organise their kids’ bikes into six distinct families: balance bikes, first pedal bikes, road bikes,  track bikes, hybrid/street bikes and mountain bikes.


Frog balance bikes | Frog kids bikes

The absence of pedals and cranks makes a balance bike an easier way for a child to learn how to steer and balance on a bike.

As ever with Frog, the Tadpole and the slightly larger Tadpole Plus stand out for their lighter weight aluminium-rich specifications. Its steering inhibiter helps prevent the common rookie error of oversteering. It even comes fitted with a quality Tektro rear V-brake. Not bad when you consider that most balance bikes have no brakes.

Read our guide on finding the best balance bike for your child.

Frog First Pedal Bikes

Frog kids bikesA Frog First Pedal Bike is a scaled down, single speed version of a Frog hybrid / all rounder.

Available in 40cm (age range 3-6) and 48cm sizes (4-7 years), these bikes still offer trademark Frog quality touches such as the alloy-rich lightweight spec, the steerer limiter, the smooth rolling tyres, the low Q factor and the full range of colour options.

The result: a first bike that’s easier to ride and sure to delight.


As well as boasting all the Frog features described above, from light weight to low Q-factor, there are a number of compelling reasons why Frog hybrid / all-rounder bikes have been our most popular children’s bikes, ever.

Frog 62 kids bike

The Frog 62 bike in purple.

Better Size Choice

Frog hybrid / all-rounder bikes come in a wider range of five sizes to help ensure a better fit.

  • While most of their competitors offer one 20”-wheel bike for 5-6 year olds and up, Frog do two sizes: the Frog 52 and the Frog 55.
  • They also offer two sizes of 26” wheel hybrid bikes for 10-14 year olds: the Frog 69 and the Frog 73.
  • If those 26” wheel bikes are too big, the 24” wheel Frog 62 should fit.
  • Supplied with a long seatpost with a quick release lever for easy adjustments, Frog bikes ‘grow’ with the rider.

Good Gear

Every Frog hybrid bike comes with a Shimano Alivio Rapidfire 8-speed gear shifter like you might find on a £600-£700 adult bike. Being three rungs up the Shimano hierarchy from the Tourney shifters fitted to 90% of kids’ bikes, the Alivio shifter is noticeably smoother and more positive in operation. What’s more, being aluminium alloy in construction rather than plastic, the Alivio shifter is more robust and durable.

QR Wheels

Every Frog hybrid bikes rolls on QR (quick release) wheels – just like better quality adult bikes. As well as requiring no spanners, QR wheels fit the bike more securely than bolt-on wheels.

Choose a favourite colour

Frog hybrid bikes are available in a choice of up to eight colours depending on the model, including red, purple, orange, green, pink, black, Team Sky and Union Jack.



Coming in three sizes: 58 (20” wheel), 67 (24” wheel) and 70 (26” wheel) this is our best offer ever for aspiring roadies as young as 6 years old up to around 14 years old.

Good Gear

Even the smallest Frog 58 comes equipped with the same super high quality Microshift 9-speed gear shifters as the two larger models.

Retailing at around £100 and boasting the shortest reach brake lever (measured from lever blade to handlebar) and the shortest sweep gear shifter, Microshift is rated as the best dual control lever on the market for riders with smaller hands.

Frog road bikes all come with a secondary set of Tektro bar top levers to offer a safe, convenient alternative to the primary brake levers on the handlebar drops.

Every Frog Road comes with smooth, fast road bike tyres fitted to its quick release wheels. Plus it comes supplied with a second pair of cyclo-cross tyres for woodland adventure.



Perfect for riding off-road. Frog mountain bikes are made with junior specific components including a tailored suspension fork which provide a smoother and more comfortable ride for any junior rider.

Available in three sizes: Frog 62 (24 inch),  Frog 69 (26 inch) and Frog 72 (26 inch), their range of mountain bikes suit kids from ages 8 upwards.


  • We currently stock the full Frog kids bike range in all their bright gorgeous colours.
  • We have fully assembled Frogs in store so you can usually try, buy and take away the bike in one quick shopping trip.
  • If we don’t have the bike in store, but do have it in stock, we can arrange free weekday delivery to any UK mainland address.
  • One-stop shopping – we have the kit to go along with the bike, such as a great range of helmets – toddler to teen sized – and can help the young one get properly fitted.
  • A kids’ bike should be small enough to ride safely and manoeuvre: big enough to offer years of growth. Our sales people are trained to help steer you towards choosing the bike that fits best.
  • Try before you buy – test rides encouraged.
  • Every children’s bike we sell is professionally assembled and checked over in our in store workshop – same as our adult bikes.
  • We are a flatpack-free zone.
  • We offer a free 6-week service on every new bike.
  • We know these bikes intimately having been an approved Frog dealer since their launch in Autumn 2013.


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