27th February 2019

Frog Bike Part Exchange


Offer over: keep checking to be the first to know when we relaunch it again

For a limited time only, get up to 40% of the retail price of your current Frog bike off the cost of your new Frog bike!

Children grow fast and grow up faster. We know the cyclists of tomorrow are nurtured today. We’d rather Frogs stay used and children ride the right-sized bike. That’s why we’re offering a scheme that provides a Frog for all kidulthood.

What will you get for your current Frog bike?

15%       A very well-used Frog / any old Frog. Needs too much love ever to be a prince again.

25%       A loved Frog. Requires minimal work and / or minor parts to become a prince again.

40%       A prince in showroom condition. Organise a ball immediately.

Or use this handy table to work out the part exchange value for your current Frog:

Shop for your new frog now:

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