9th June 2017

Our First Folding Electric Bike | Tern Vektron S10 2017


We are proud and delighted to introduce the first folding e-bike to our range – the Tern Vektron S10, available from October 2017.

Tern Vektron S10 e-folding bikes are officially due to arrive in the UK this October – but you can try one out now from the Bike Co-op.

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What’s taken us so long?

You may well wonder why have we taken so long to add an electric folder to our range. Our honest reply is that this is the first folding e-bike we’ve tested that matched the quality ride performance of our favourite regular commuter e-bikes from Whyte and Kalkhoff.

To create such a credible bike, one of the world’s most experienced folding bike manufacturers – Tern – worked with Germany’s leading producer of electric bike motors and batteries – Bosch – to create the Vektron.

tern vektron s10 folding electric bicycle

Who are Tern?

Tern was launched by former employees of the largest folding bike company in the world, Dahon. Tern’s shareholders include Joshua Hon and Florence Hon, the son and wife of Dr David Hon who founded Dahon in 1982. We mention this to assure you that while Tern might not be a familiar name, you can be confident they have the know-how to make a folding bike that rides really well – as illustrated by their own video about their innovative folding ebike, the Vektron.

Is the Vektron any good?

This bike boasts so much innovation and ingenuity, we can only apologise that a long list is required to explain why this bike stands out.

See how the Bosch motor is totally enclosed and integrated with the bottom bracket and chainset to deliver clean, efficient power assist when you pedal.

This Bosch Active motor’s 48Nm torque gives it the muscle to ease you up hills you might otherwise suffer on or avoid.

Bosch Battery

The Bosch battery is neatly located behind the frame seat tube.

The battery’s 25 to 90 mile range (depending on the terrain and the mode you ride in) makes it fit for the longest commute and further forays. When you need to recharge it, the battery can be unlocked and removed in one second.

Recharge time? Only 2.5-3.5 hours.


Bosch Purion Display Unit AKA cycle computer – power at your fingertips

This bar-mounted cycle computer incorporates the on/off power switch and the on/off light switch; it monitors and updates the battery’s charge status, and it makes it easy to switch power-assist modes on the move. Even in lowest power 50% eco assist mode, the Tern Vektron fulfils the e-bike promise – it’s like riding with a tailwind every ride.

When you need to tackle steeper hills and/or stronger headwinds, you can instantly switch to Tour or Sport mode. If you want to feel like Lance did when he took the steepest climbs without suffering (and do so legally), simply switch to 225% Turbo maximum power assist mode and you’ll experience an immediate and welcome power surge.

vektron-led-lightsEver-available LED lighting

The big Bosch battery also has the capacity to power the bright LED lights, which are bolted to the bars and rear rack.

Tern-Tuned Geometry for a Quality Ride

The long wheelbase means that the Vectron delivers the stable ride qualities of a full size bike. Its low centre of gravity makes the Tern feel surprisingly wieldy. Like all the best e-bikes, despite the extra weight, it rides light.

tern-andros-adjustable-stem-valo-dynamo-lightAndros Stem

The stem can be adjusted higher or lower in seconds to suit your height and preferred riding style – no tools required.

Porter+ Saddle

Not content with simply designing a plush, gel-cushioned seat that’s comfortable to sit on, Tern shaped the underside of the saddle to make it more comfortable to grip or shoulder when you need to porter the folded bike, say, onto a tram or train.

Telescopic Seatpost

This double seatpost has two separate QR quick release levers. The 27.2mm diameter top post grips the saddle in the usual fashion. This inner post is clamped inside the wider lower post, which is clamped inside the frame seat tube like a standard seatpin. The benefit of this arrangement is that the saddle can be adjusted to fit any rider from around 4’ 10” to 6’ 6” (147 – 200cm), making it a perfect bike to share with your partner, friends and family. Another advantage of being telescopic is that the seatpost can be totally enclosed in the frame to make the folded bike more compact.

Easy fold


The Tern N-Fold makes the bike foldable in three easy steps.

Machined hinges with long ergonomic levers

To ensure safety, integrity and an efficient ride with zero lateral flex; the most important parts of any folding bike are the hinges. Tern’s OCL+ main joint is built to twice the strength stipulated by international standards. This hinge and the one on the Physis 3D Handlepost on the front of the bike each employ four igus bearings between the aluminum and stainless steel moving parts to guarantee smooth, friction-free folding action. When the lever is closed it activates an AutoLok to prevent unplanned release.

Quodric dropouts


These long dropouts enclose the disc brake rotor safely inside the frame. The dropouts are eyeleted to ensure Tern make a super neat job of securing the mudguards, rack and kickstand that come supplied with this bike

DoubleTruss Technology

The rear half of the frame is reinforced to resist torsional forces and minimise flex to maximize power transfer from the pedal cranks to the rear wheel.

The frame tube triangle in front of the seatpost offers a perfect handhold should you ever need to lift the bike – say up a few steps.

Confidence-inspiring specification

Schwalbe Big Apple 20×2” tyres roll fast, even over broken roads and potholed paths, and they’re extra puncture resistant. The Tern Vektron S10’s Shimano Deore 1×10 gear shifting and matching Deore hydraulic disc brakes ensure the bike’s fundamental controls are on a par with its Bosch power assist electronics.

Trying is believing

I (the Bike Co-op’s Ged) took our Tern Vektron S10 out for its first 25k ride yesterday evening. I can assure you it’s up there with the best commuter e-bikes. Even climbing hills, the power assist helps you to keep up with the pace of fellow road users (where appropriate) reminding me of the old roadie mantra – ‘faster is safer’.

Best of all, I got home 15 minutes quicker than usual, and I was wearing the trademark e-bike rider’s cheesy grin on my coupon.

Arrange to take our Tern Vektron S10 out on a spin and you’ll understand why the Tern Vektron S10 is my current +1 bike.

Demo Rides – Come and try one out

Even when they arrive in October, Tern Vectron S10 availability will be very limited.

If you’re interested in a bike that matches automatic power assistance with the easy stowable, transportable benefits of a folder, do consider our demo bike offer.

If you decide it’s the bike for you, you are welcome to pre-order one to reserve it.

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