22nd May 2018

Folding Bikes: Why You Should Buy One

Reason #1: Folding Bikes are super convenient

As obvious as it sounds, they fold. Therefore they’re small. They’re designed to be stored in small places like under desks, in cupboards and taken on trains, buses and cars.

Folding bikes can be stored in small places

Folding Bikes: perfect for storing in small places.. or roomy stairwells.

Reason #2: Folding Bikes are stylish and cool

They come in a variety of designs, colours and styles. You can get electric ones too! Along with the brand Tern, we’re the only place in Scotland that has the Brompton Electric!

Folding bikes: Brompton M6L 2018

Brompton M6L 2018: a choice of colours, M Type handlebars, 6 years and ready fitted with mudguards

Folding Bikes: Brompton H6L Black Edition 2018

Brompton H6L Black Edition 2018: H Type handlebars, 6 years and ready fitted with mudguards

Folding Bikes: Brompton P6R 2017

Brompton P6R 2017 – multi-position P style handelbars, 6 gears and read fitted with mudguards and rear pannier rack

Plus, if Prince Harry and Owen Wilson can be seen riding them, they must be cool!  Here they are on a Brompton folding bikes:

And if you like to accessorise your bike, Brompton have that covered too!

Reason #3: Folding Bikes are easy to manage

Don’t believe they’re easy to fold and unfold? Take a look at Graham from our Leeds store showing just how easy it is:

Take a look at our Ultimate Guide to Brompton Bikes to see what else makes these folding bikes so practical.

Reason #4: Folding Bikes Are Fun!

Folding bikes aren’t just for the daily commute to and from work. What about taking one touring? They can carry a surprising amount of stuff!

Folding Bikes: perfect for touring

Go touring on a folding bicycle

They’re capable on more than just the flatest of roads too:

Folding bikes: A Brompton on a Pump Track!

A Brompton on a pump track!

Fancy going abroad? Taking them on a plane is definitely an option! And you might even be able to fly without paying anything extra for your bike!


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