23rd February 2017

Flaer Lubrication System: Add 12 watts to your power gain


This automatic bicycle chain lubricator promises up to 12 Watt power gain, 15% improvement in efficiency and it maximises drivetrain longevity.

Here’s how it works:

The more than marginal gains offered by this automatic chain lube system has inspired professional team Orica-Scott (previously Orica BikeExchange) to fit it to their bikes for the 2017 season.

If you own a top quality road bike with perhaps a sub-kilo carbon or ti frame and system built wheels, and you want to ensure it works to its full potential, Flaér is well worth considering.

Here’s Why

  • Every drop counts
  • Not too much, not too little, Flaér dispenses optimal lubrication
  • Flaér is far less wasteful than the traditional method of dripping or spraying lube on and wiping the excess off
  • Flaér Revo makes chain cleaning far quicker and less messy, thanks to the fact that it’s
  • Flaér’s Revo Fluid is a very light, non-stick lube
  • Thanks to this clean lube and the fact that the system never over-lubricates the chain makes drivetrain cleaning quicker and easier
  • Although it’s not cheap, this lubrication system may well pay for itself over time by maximising the lifespan of your high-end transmission
  • Did we mention up to 12 Watt power gain and the 5% improvement in drivetrain efficiency as tested by Napier University, Edinburgh?
  • The whole system inc fluid weighs 151g
  • Flaér have calculated that the speed gains their lube system deliver offset the weight disadvantage by a factor of 17

Here’s how it works

  • You set the applicator to apply a single drop of lube to the chain at the following set intervals
  • Once every 90 seconds in most conditions
  • Once every 30 seconds in wet conditions
  • Once every 150 seconds in very dry conditions
  • In the box, you get all you require to fit the Flaér Revo Via Lubrication System including. 125ml bottle of Via Fluid – enough for a minimum 35 hours riding.
  • Road.cc reckon you could fit this whole system to the bike in about 20 minutes (or we’ll fit it for free if you purchase it with a new bike). See video.

Revo Via – A revolution in chain performance
The world’s first chain performance system will ensure your transmission operates at maximum efficiency from start to finish, no matter the conditions. The Revo Via applies a precise quantity of our specially developed fluid to the chain as you ride, giving maximum power transfer to the wheel, smoother gear shifts and a visibly cleaner transmission. The result – you get the most out of the effort you put in.’


Flaér are based in Glasgow. Their original bicycle lube product was the Scottoiler (a simplified version of the company’s original motor cycle lubricator). This mechanical semi-automatic chain luber allowed the cyclist to oil the chain while riding. Although it was far less sophisticated than the Flaér Revo Via System, Scottoiler had it’s fans, including Graeme Obree, who almost certainly loved its home-made vibe. Despite these endorsements, riders with high quality bikes resisted the Scottoiler because it involved zip-tying or taping lengths of tubing from the head or top tube to the rear derailleur. This was anathema to road riders who like to keep their bikes clutter free. Lack of demand meant that Scottoiler ceased production.

I (the Bike Co-op’s Ged) mention this because I’ve been using the Scottoiler on my Specialized Roubaix for seven years and it’s still running on the original chainrings and cassette. That’s twice as long as I usually get out of a drivetrain so I can vouch for the principles behind this innovation. I can also vouch for the quality of this company’s lubrication fluids, which I’ve found to be cleaner than any other I’ve tested.

The Flaér Revo Via Lubrication System takes these principles and improves on them in a far cleaner more integrated package with a much shorter cable run from the lube reservoir, situated at the bottom of the frame down tube, to the rear derailleur jockey wheel where the lube is dripped on to the chain.

If I ever get a new road bike, I’ll be adding some Flaér to it.

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