6th December 2019

Five Reasons to Shop Local

While it’s easy to shop online with companies based around the world, or even head to a big out of town shopping centre, there are some real benefits to shopping local too.

shop local


Shop Local Reason One

To expand on the graphic above, imagine a high street or local shopping area with only empty shops. No one local uses the area and certainly no visitors make a stop there – their money goes to the larger chains and shops. The place soon starts to look run down, there is no hustle and bustle and no chance to bumping into that neighbour you haven’t seen in a while.  The deserted area entices vandals to make it ‘their own’ which perpetuates the cycle of a run down area with empty shops and no passers by.

Shop Local Reason Two

It’s so easy to jump in the car to a shopping centre or wait at home for a delivery van to deliver your parcel. But if you walk (or cycle!) to your local shops, just think of the number of vehicular journeys that will be cut. Avoiding deliveries mean your purchases won’t come with lots of unnecessary packaging either.

Shop Local Reason Three

Small businesses care about their customers and make sure they’re experts in their field so that they can help you make the right choice. Looking for an electric bike for example, yes you could head down to a national retailer but whose advice are you going to trust more? The local bike shop who has been selling electric bikes for many years, who has a buyer who carefully selects only quality brands and has knowledgeable staff whose passions are all things bike? Or a sales person of a large chain of stores who works in many different departments and who probably doesn’t have a great deal of product knowledge, just really good sales techniques? We’ll let you decide.

Shop Local Reason Four

How many times have you looked for a gift for someone (or yourself) and not seen anything you’ve not seen before? Shopping local can change that. By the nature of smaller businesses, they often seek out unusual products or brands. Focusing on what they believe their customers want, not what products will generate the biggest margin for them. Many brands we stock like Cycle of Good and The Phantom Workshop simply couldn’t keep up with the demands and quantities required by chain retailers because their products are handmade and unique.

Shop Local Reason Five

While you might not need to use a local shop often, if they don’t exist, you won’t be able to use it when you do need one. Using local shops more frequently mean they are they when you need them. Take us for example, booking your bike into your local bike shop once a year for a service or buying a few bits and pieces from us means that when you need us – for a last minute repair, gift or just some honest, expert advice – we’ll be there for you.

So whether it’s on Small Business Saturday or any other time of the year, pop into your local shops.

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