27th May 2019

Father’s Day Gifts for Cyclists | Our Top Picks

Make the old man happy! Check out our favourite Father’s Day gifts below, and remember we offer free delivery for clothing and accessory orders over £20* or you can visit us in real life when you collect your order at your nearest store.
*There is a £15 standard delivery charge for bike orders.

Father’s Day Gifts for £20 and under

We’ve got some great cheap father’s day gifts for you if you’re on a budget or are just looking for a little bit extra to add to his main gift.

Velo Culture Recycled Chain Cufflinks £20

Father's Day Gifts | bicycle chain cufflinks

Cufflinks make from up-cycled bicycle chain links

A truly unusual Father’s Day Gift from Newcastle’s Velo Culture are the business.


Velo Culture Cake Stop Caddy £8.50

Father's Day Gifts | Velo Culture Cake Stop Caddy

Hand-made from recycled inner tubes by Beverley in Newcastle, a great cycling-friendly wallet for cash, a card or two, coins and keys.


See more up-cycled cycling kit by Velo Culture

Rachel Gretton Upcycled Sprocket Coaster Set £20

Father's Day Gifts | Rachel Gretton coastersA pair of handmade up-cycled sprocket coasters made by the co-op’s very own Rachel Gretton.


The Cycling Cartoonist by Dave Walker £10.99

Father's Day Gifts | The Cycling CartoonistOver 100 full-page cartoons, by renowned cartoonist and multiple-bike owner Dave Walker, that give an affectionate take on cycling.


Camelback Podium Big Chill Insulated Bottle £16.99

Father's Day Gifts | Camelback BottleThe best-of-the-best cycling bottle for delivering cold, consistent cycling hydration. Not just for cycling, this bottle is great for day-to-day use too.



Father’s Day Gifts between £20 and £50

Teaming up with your siblings or just want to treat your Father to a gift that’s worth a little bit more? We have a few great ideas for you:

Velo Culture Toob Roll Tool Roll £24.50

Father's Day Gifts | Tool Roll

A unique toolwrap for cyclists made from up-cycled inner tube rubber.


Muc-Off Bike Care Essentials Kit £19.99

Father's Day Gifts | Muc-Off Bike Care Essentials Kit

If you don’t fancy washing your Dad’s bike, you could always make it easy for him to do it with this kit.


Oxford Aqua 20 Backpack £49.99

Father's Day Gifts | Aqua 20 Backpack

100% waterproof cycling rucksack that is super-reflective as well. Ideal for a Dad who cycles at night or in a country (like the UK!) where it rains.


Father’s Day Gifts between £50 and £100

Here we have listed a few bigger gifts for a special Dad. Ideal if you’re clubbing together with the extended family.

Tifosi Vero Sunglasses £69.99

Father's Day Gifts | Tifosi Sunglasses

Give your Dad the gift of sight this Father’s Day… well, we might not be able to restore any sight loss, but we can help him protect his eyes with sunglasses like these.


Endura Hummvee Chino Short with Liner Short £59.99
Father's Day Gifts | Chino Short

No more fashion faux-pas for Dad! These shorts look great on and off the bike and come in different colours and sizes.


Endura Urban Primaloft Flipjak II Jacket £83.99

Father's Day Gifts | Endura Jacket

A really practical gift for Dad’s who like cycling or being outdoors in any form – lightweight, windproof, showerproof and with Primaloft silver insulation.


Father’s Day Gifts between over £100

If you want to get your Dad a really special gift, then have a look at these top ideas:

Garmin Edge 530 £259.99

Father's Day Gifts | Garmin Edge 530

Performance GPS cycling computer with mapping. Cycling safety features include a new bike alarm so you’ll know your Dad is safe.


Hiplock Airlock £139.99

Father's Day Gifts | Hiplock Airlock

Make sure your Dad’s bike is locked up safe and sound with this integrated bike hanger and lock.


S-Works Evade II Angi MIPS Helmet £240

Father's Day Gifts | Specialized Helmet

One of the safest helmets you can buy for your Dad! MIPS means superior protection in the event of a crash while the Angi sensor alerts nominated persons in the event of an incident.


And if all else fails… Vouchers from £5


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