28th May 2015

Fabric Saddles – they’re genius!


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Fabric Saddles are a stand-alone offshoot of the highly regarded UK bike company Charge.

Fabric’s genius has been to create a simplified saddle design where the saddle’s waterproof microfibre cover is vacuum bonded to a one-piece base – not stitched or stapled on as is normally the case.

This one-piece solution is the bike saddle equivalent to the inmould process Giro pioneered 20-plus years ago when they revolutionised bike helmet design.

The result is an especially sleek, elegant design that should guarantee comfort in the saddle for years to come.

To ensure you get on with your Fabric Scoop saddle, it’s available in a choice of three shapes, one of which will correspond best with your riding style.

Flat, Shallow or Radius

  • Flat – if you ride in road bike, aero-tuck, flat-back position with minimal contact with the saddle, you’ll most likely get on best with the minimally padded Flat saddle’s shape.
  • Shallow – if you mostly ride with your back at a 40-50 degree angle, you will most likely prefer a Fabric Scoop Shallow saddle, which describes a shallow downward curve from mid-saddle to the sides.
  • Radius If you prefer to ride in a more upright position, which intrinsically puts more of your weight on the saddle, you will most likely get on best with the Radius version, which is slightly more curved and a wee bit more padded than a Scoop Shallow saddle.

Fabric Scoop saddles are available in three levels of quality (starting with ‘very good’).

Elite, Race or Pro?

  • The Fabric Scoop Elite saddle features lightweight hollow Cromo steel rails and a waterproof microfibre cover bonded to the light-flex one-piece nylon base.
  • The Fabric Scoop Race saddle is upgraded with hollow titanium rails.
  • The Fabric Scoop Pro saddle is made lighter still with carbon rails and a nylon / fibre matrix base.

fabric-scoop-flat-elite-saddleFabric Scoop Elite Saddle from £39.99

Tell me more… 
Whether it’s shape is Flat, Shallow or Radius, every Scoop Elite saddle delivers the benefits of Fabric’s simplified 3-part manufacturing process. That is, lightweight durable rails fixed to a flexible nylon base, bonded to a micromatrix waterproof cover.

Why is this cool?
Keeping it simple is always the best bicycle design philosophy – less weight, greater integrity and less to go wrong.

What gives this saddle the edge?
Available in three shapes, so there will be one to match your favourite riding position.


Fabric Scoop Race Saddle from £59.99

Tell me more… 
Every Scoop Race saddle employs the same 3-part manufacturing process as the Elite, but upgraded with hollow titanium rails.

Why is this cool?
Ti rails make a Fabric Scoop Race saddle that bit lighter and more comfortable.

What gives this saddle the edge?
A CrNi coating makes the titanium rails more oxidation and abrasion-resistant to ensure the saddles durability.

fabric-scoop-flat-pro-saddleFabric Scoop Flat Pro Saddle from £109.99

Tell me more… 
Again designed on Fabric’s three-part manufacturing process, the Pro saddle is upgraded with carbon rails and a nylon / fibre matrix base.

Why is this cool?
This bring the weight of the saddle down to 183g. That’s around 50g lighter than the Fabric Scoop Flat Race Saddle.

What gives this saddle the edge?
For all its minimalism, the Fabric Scoop Flat Pro Saddle remains a very comfortable option.

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