2nd October 2019

Exposure Lights: a review of the Diablo MK11 Bike Light

Co-op friend, Craig, reviews his new Exposure Helmet Light:

“I recently bought an Exposure Diablo Tap light to add a head lamp to my handlebar lamp and I have been very impressed with it!

Initially, it presents itself well with and neat looking and sturdily made black hard case that is shaped to allow the lamp, mounts, associated cables and chargers to fit easily inside. Of note, the case has a little spare space so that you don’t have to be a precision packer to get all to fit back in.

Once charged up, the easily to follow instructions made it simple to set up the mode of operation I wanted and to turn on the tap function. I mounted the lamp to my helmet using the supplied helmet mount which is both solid enough no hold it in place and easy enough to adjust if the angle needs to be fine tuned. Also supplied is a retaining lanyard that simply hook and loops around the light and through my helmet vents.

On first ride, I was hugely impressed. The 1750 or so lumen output easily swamped my handlebars mounted 1000 lumen light and yet this was barely noticeable on my helmet.

I ride off-road at night on some pretty steep and technical trails and found that the low setting is more than enough for illuminating the sections of trail between the downhill bits and when I got to those, medium mode offered plenty of light to see everything I needed. The high mode is utterly fantastic at lighting up all of what you need to see and more! I save this mode for the really steep bits as it claims to reduce the battery life to one hour of constant use. Switching between modes can either be done with the easy to find button on the rear of the lamp body or via the very simple tap function which is as easy as it sounds. Very clever. The beam pattern is a nice combo of wide enough to see enough around you while pushing enough light forwards to see a good distance down the trail such that you can see what’s coming and be ready for it.

My rides are typically 2-2.5 hours long and using the  method of switching to the appropriate mode for the needs of the trail I have managed to do all the ride and then pack up the bike into the car with plenty of power left.


Overall, I have been really impressed by this lamp; it is simple to mount and use, provides fantastic light output and seems to be really well made! I thoroughly recommend it if you are looking for a really high quality light.”


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