1st March 2013

Exceptional Services

Professional bike set up

If you buy a bike from Edinburgh Bicycle Co-op you can be confident that the bicycle will be thoroughly checked over before you receive it. Every nut & bolt will be tight, the wheels trued, cables tensioned and disc brakes bled if required. We devote around an hour on each bike. Our spies (AKA staff who once worked for other bike shops) tell us that they were expected to assemble 7 bikes per hour in their previous life. These mechanics appreciate having a realistic amount of time to build each bike now. We think you will too when you take delivery of a bicycle that’s been set up properly.

Free fitting

We will be delighted to customise your new bike to your requirements. Mudguards, racks, panniers, bar ends, kickstand, computer, GPS… Order any extras with the new bike and you get the benefits of professional fitting – without the fitting charge.

Free service

You will be entitled to a free checkover 6 to 8 weeks after purchasing any new bicycle from Edinburgh Bicycle Co-op. The free service catches any slackening off that can occur on any new bicycle so it’s your best guarantee of trouble-free biking.

Collect in store

If you appreciate the convenience of ordering from our website but find it inconvenient to stop at home waiting for the delivery van, you have the option of collecting your goods from your local Edinburgh Bicycle Co-op. Simply pay a 20% deposit online, then pay the balance when you collect your order instore.

Branch transfer

If your local Edinburgh Bicycle is sold out of something you require, we can reserve it under your name and organise its transfer from another branch to your local one.

Free delivery

Free weekday delivery available on any bicycle to any British mainland address.
If you order online, free weekday delivery is also available on any accessory and/or clothing order over £20 to any UK address (including islands and N. Ireland).

Try before you buy

Feel free to ask to take any bike from our shop display for a quick test ride. See also our Demo Bike offer – a fantastic opportunity to try out some of our most interesting bikes for a whole day or two.

2 comments on “Exceptional Services

  1. Aly Black on

    I wish to purchase a new bike and trying to decide between the Whyte Montpellier and the Specialized Sirus Comp Carbon Disc.
    At this stage I’ve only read about them but never actually seen them let alone try them out.. I was looking for your assistance if possible and live within commuting distance of your Aberdeen shop..


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