20th February 2019

Evoc FR Enduro Protector 16L Backpack Review

Evoc Backpack Review | Mountain Bike BagEVOC is a new brand that we’re stocking in store and online. Check out our blog to learn more about EVOC or read this review by Hugo from our Leeds store on his latest purchase, the EVOC FR Endura Protector 16L Backpack.

“For the last few months I’d been looking for a new backpack. I own a 9L pack for mountain biking and an 85L courier bag for my second job as a Deliveroo rider. The rest of the time, the 9L was too small and the 85L too big, so I needed to find something in between.

I wanted something I could use for mountain biking and commuting, as well as general day to day use on and off the bike and as soon as I saw the EVOC FR Enduro Protector 16L Backpack I knew that was the bag I needed.

Evoc Backpack Review | Mountain Bike Bag

Evoc Backpack Review | Mountain Bike BagI’d looked at a few 16L bags before and didn’t think they’d have enough volume for what I required. Although adequate for mountain biking, I didn’t think 16L would accommodate my work uniform, a pair of shoes and still have some space for a bit of shopping on my way home.

My Thoughts

To my surprise, the main 16L storage compartment is incredibly spacious (larger – or maybe just a better shape – than bags from other brands advertising 16L) and on top of this includes two sturdy side pockets with a lot of stretch. These pockets are ideal for anything bidon shaped, as well as a helmet pouch and protection gear storage that is just as useful for carrying your groceries. The tool storage compartment folds out and does not use up any of the 16L compartment which is also an added bonus.

Removing the back protector insert gives you a little bit more room if you’re using the bag off the bike, although the insert weighs next to nothing and makes the pack considerably more comfortable when in. In fact, while mountain biking, I’ve never had such an agreeable pack, even with my tools and a litre of water inside! The ergonomic neoprene waist straps distribute the load evenly around your body meaning you forget it’s even there.

This pack does not include EVOC’s “Liteshield System Air” ventilation. I’ve been finding this actually means the bag does a really good job of keeping me warm, which is great for riding in the UK. That being said, if you ride aboard a lot or mainly in the summer it’s worth looking at the EVOC FR Enduro Backline Protector which is exactly the same with added ventilation.

In Summary

Overall a great bag, whether you’re on the trail or just running errands. It’s comfortable, light weight, spacious and also looks the part, what else do you need from a backpack?”

Evoc Backpack Review | Mountain Bike Bag

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