2nd July 2015

Eroica Brittania, 19-21 June 2015

It featured a 100-mile cycle on the Sunday through Bakewell and the surrounding hills and villages, with the proviso that you rode it on a pre-1987 bike. Despite this restriction, 3,500 people signed up for the ride.

Never ones to back out of a challenge, we accepted Eroica’s invitation to provide mechanical backup at four of the ride’s rest stops. What’s more, we ran a mini shop from our gazebo on the Friday and Saturday to offer pre-ride fixes and to offer a selection of last minute essentials for sale.

We honestly didn’t know how this event would fly.

However, the 10 folk from our Sheffield, Leeds and Manchester shops who worked that weekend all agreed – Eroica Britannia rules.

Here are more staff comments interspersed with the photos they took. If they don’t make you want to go next year, you must have a heart as hard as Reynolds steel…

One comment on “Eroica Brittania, 19-21 June 2015

  1. Laura Brennan on

    I just wanted to say a HUGE, MASSIVE, GIGANTIC THANK YOU !!!! I had to use the free support at both food stops on my 30 mile ride Tideswell and Eyam!!! at both points the chaps that mended my bike were awesome, so patient and knowledgeable and just brilliant. When I got to Eyam my crank and pedal had fallen off on the decent and the nut could have been anywhere! I did say that we had to mend it and if I couldn’t bike back I would ride the lovely mechanic piggy back style! Amazingly after a suggestion from my sister and her friend we found a nut on the decorative bike wheels used as a display at the food stop. The magical mechanic had to physically re thread the post !!! I think he did this based on the threat of the 10 mile piggy back ride !!! again thank you all so much 🙂


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