26th June 2018

Crowdfunding Campaign: Electric Cargo Bikes to reduce food waste

Love Food: Hate Food Waste

We all know that food waste is bad. It’s not good for the environment, consumers, producers or retailers.  That’s why we’re supporting this campaign by Food Sharing Edinburgh. It’s a simple concept – some might say it’s as easy as riding a bike!

They want to purchase two electric cargo bikes and cool boxes to allow volunteers to zip about Edinburgh, collecting and then redistributing unwanted food from restaurants and shops across the city. Sounds great!


Why Electric Bikes?

If you’ve ever been to Edinburgh, you’ll know it is pretty hilly! The city itself is based around seven hills but practically every street has some sort of incline. Electric bikes give a little power to your pedal; making those long or hilly journeys a little bit easier. They’re still environmentally friendly. They’re still a form of active travel (i.e. it’s still exercise!). But carrying loads of excess food in an efficient and “green” way becomes a lot more manageable.

They’re not just for carrying large loads around though. People use electric bikes for lots of different reasons – getting to work, keeping up with friends and family, climbing hills with ease or just for fun! If you’re new to electric bikes, our Guide to Electric Bikes will give you a better idea of what they are, what they’re for and why they’re growing in popularity.

Electric Bikes | Food Waste | Kalkhoff

Riding an electric bike through town … this could be you!

What Next?

If you’re #TyredofFoodWaste, make a pledge over on their crowdfunding page.

Not only will you get that warm fuzzy feeling from doing something good, you will receive a keyring, cooking lesson or even the chance to name one of the bikes depending on how much you donate.

Or if you’re intrigued by the thought of owning an electric bike yourself, book yourself a demo! There’s no better way to see how electric bikes feel to ride than to take one out for yourself. You can also pop into one of our shops and speak to our experts.


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