21st February 2019

Electric Bike Leeds: Test Ride Routes

Are you in Leeds and been thinking about getting an electric bike? One of the best ways to decide if a bike is for you is to take it for a test ride. Book a demo for an electric (or “acoustic”) bike from our Leeds shop and if you’re not sure where to go, we can help! Graham, the Leeds store manager, has created two handy routes for you to follow to get the best out of your bike while you’re demo-ing it. The short route is only one mile while the longer route is around 5 1/2 miles.


Leeds Short Test Ride Route

A very short one-mile ride from the front door of the Leeds shop is enough to show you the benefits of an E-bike (or any bike you’re demo-ing).  Head along Woodland Lane past the park and turn left down Pasture Lane.  The cul-de-sac here is quiet and has half a dozen parallel very steep climbs, while the climb back up Pasture Lane itself goes on a little longer. We reckon it’s 1 in 6 by counting the bricks on the adjacent houses, although google maps doesn’t seem to know how steep they are.  

See the route below:

Find it on MapMyRide >>


Leeds Longer Test Ride Route

Our longer route takes you out round Roundhay Park and back, and you’ll be surprised how quickly it’ll be over given that it takes you up the notorious Little Switzerland climb through Gledhow Valley Woods and comes back the same way and up the 1 in 6 climb of Gledhow Lane back to the shop. We guarantee you’ll be faster up both than ever before. It’s tarmac all the way, even on the wide path through the park.

See the route below:

Find it on MapMyRide >>

Further Afield

The two suggested routes are all on hard surfaces and are idea for testing our hybrid E-bikes and for getting a first taste of the power of an Electric MTB.  If you want to really get to grips with the MTBs, and go and get them muddy, book a one or two day demo and we’ll be happy to provide a route round local trails or for you to take them further afield.

Test Ride Your Bike in Leeds

Test Ride Your Bike in Leeds

Buying an Electric Bike

Not sure what Electric bike you should go for? Speak to our in store electric bike experts or take a look at our Top E-bikes for 2019 if you’re after a practical and easy to use bike. Our Best Kalkhoff Bikes blog is also a helpful read if you know you want a bike with ultimate performance, reliability and style the Germany manufacturer is known for.

What’s more, we have a number of payment options so you can decide how to pay for your bike in a way that suits you.

Pop into our Leeds store to see our range of electric bikes, get some advice or take one for a quick spin!



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