10th June 2019

Why Consider an Electric Cargo Bike for your Next Business Vehicle

Electric Cargo Bikes. You’ve probably seen one – on TV if not in real life – because they are becoming more and more popular. A combination of advances in technology, environmental reasons and budgetary needs means they are now a viable business option – even for those in the hilliest of cities.

What is an Electric Cargo Bike?

The “cargo” bit refers the fact it can carry cargo (people, stock etc.) – up to 200kg or 440lbs. Like a regular bike, you need to pedal. But unlike a regular bike,  an electric cargo bike comes with extra power (pedal assistance of up to 300%). Perfect for carrying heavy loads uphill.


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What Could my Business save from using an Electric Cargo Bike?

Just take a look at our infographic below. It doesn’t really need explanation.

Read the full statistics from the Depart of Transport.

The starting price of an electric cargo bike is £4,000. Which is a significantly lower investment than purchasing a traditional delivery vehicle. There are interest free loans and even grants available for businesses. Learn more about these here.

Why Else is an Electric Cargo Bike a Good Idea?

Support For Electric Cargo Bikes From Your Customers

In a large-scale report, 63% of respondents stated they were concerned or extremely concerned about air pollution. Additionally, a recent study by Unilever found a third of consumers are now choosing to buy from brands they believe are doing social or environmental good.

What an opportunity for any business looking to improve their environmental impact and improve air quality while also giving customers an additional reason to do business with them. A cargo bike branded up with company logos and contact details becomes a free advertising platform in the locations where customers (or potential customers) are found. Like the examples below:



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Electric Cargo Bikes Are Practical

For carrying loads of 200kg (440lbs) or less within a limited geographical area, an electric cargo bike might well be easier and faster. Even businesses who travel over larger distances can make their ‘last mile’ deliveries more sustainable. Read this case study to learn how businesses are now using electric cargo bikes for the last part of their deliveries. Or head to this blog for even more ways to utilised an electric cargo bike.

Another advantage is that no licence is needed. Whereas with a van, driving duties might be restricted to only those with driving licences, anyone can ride an electric cargo bike. With the electric assist, it doesn’t require riders to be elite athletes or wear specific cycling clothing either.

Find Out More

It goes without saying that most businesses might want to try an e-cargo bike before committing to buying one. That’s why we’ve got a large stock of electric cargo bikes to demo. Take it for a few days and give it a go yourself, get your staff to try it, ask you customers what they think. This is a great opportunity to find out how it would work for you.

Demo Bike

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