18th February 2016

3 drag reducing upgrades for your bike


Specialized S-Works Evade Helmet from £128 (RRP £160)

Specialized S Works Evade cycling helmet

The S-Works Evade can save you 46 seconds over 40km making it as aerodynamic as the best time trial helmets – plus it’s far better ventilated and it doesn’t look as weird.

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Look Keo 2 Max Blade Pedals £99.99

Look Keo 2 max blade bike pedalsLook invented the automatic AKA clipless road pedal back in the ‘80s. Continuous development means they remain the first choice of riders looking for peerless connectivity matched with a wide platform to ensure foot comfort mile after mile. With its stainless steel-reinforced carbon platform, its snappier leaf spring cleat connection, and its lighter weight (248g per pair), the Look Keo 2 Max Blade comes hugely recommended.

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Giant SL1 Aero Road Wheelsystem £249.99 (front), £349.99 (rear)

Giant SL1 aero road wheel system

For reduced drag matched with more immediate flex-free power transfer, a set of system-built aero wheels is probably the most profound road bike upgrade you can treat yourself to. The Giant SL1 wheel features a wind-slicing 55mm-deep carbon rim with alloy braking surface, and a typically Giant engineered-in upgrade called DBL – Dynamic Balanced Lacing (below).

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Dynamic Balanced Lacing

DBL Dynamic Balanced Lacing means, when you pedal hard, the rear wheel’s pulling spokes tighten and the pushing spokes loosen. DBL therefore evens out the tension on all drive-side spokes (i.e. it dynamically balances the tension). DBL therefore optimises power transfer and helps guarantee the wheel’s durability (given that unbalanced spoke tension can cause a wheel’s premature demise).

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