7th September 2016

Daytime Bike Lights by Moon

Updated 29 August 2019

Moonlight – not just for night owls

Pioneers of COB next-generation LED lighting, Moon has been one of our fastest growing bike light brands over the past few years.

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Key Features of Moon Bike Lights

Moon makes brilliant lights! Their Comet range has the following features: Daytime Flash, Aluminium Heat Sink, Auto Safe Mode and Last Mode Memorised.

Moon Bike Lights | Moon Cycle Lights

The Moon Comet-X Front Bike Light: 120 lumen daytime flash mode lasting 23 hours.

Daytime Flash

As the name implies, this is bright enough to be genuinely eye-catching, even in full daylight. Daylight Flash comes into its own on those days when it suddenly gets overcast, so you’re most vulnerable to suffer a SMIDSY (sorry mate I didn’t see you) incident.

A smart feature of Daytime Flash is that it pulses comparatively slowly (around once a second) so it barely drains the battery. Offering 20-plus hours burn time per USB charge, there’s really no reason not to use this mode every daytime ride.

Aluminium Heat Sink

Every Moon Comet lamp boasts a CNC-machined aluminium heat sink to ensure it burns cooler – the key to consistent light output and longevity.

Moon Orion Front Bike Light | Moon Bike Light | Moon Cycle Light

Moon Orion: 64 hour max runtime and super quick 2 hour charging.

Auto Safe Mode

If you’re ever concerned the battery will have enough juice to complete your journey, switch to Auto Safe Mode and the lamp will select a power level that guarantees one hour run time.

Mode Memory

Whenever you switch the lamp on, it selects the mode you last used – no need to scroll to find your favourite.

What else is great about Moon Lights?

We genuinely consider Moon Comet lights to be stand-out options if you are looking for a best buy in lightweight (they’re all sub 30g) modestly priced (they’re all sub £30) rechargeable urban lights that will do a better job of getting you seen.

As well as being upgraded with, for instance, daytime flash option, our Moon lights continue to offer the following sound design features, proven over the past three years.


Moon were among the first companies to introduce next-generation COB technology to LED bicycle lights. COB means Chips On Board. Instead of relying on a single or a few individual LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes), a COB light has a strip of up to 30 LED chips to create a noticeably brighter light. COB LEDs burn cooler so they should be even more reliable and longer lasting than standard LEDs.

USB Rechargeable

Every Moon Comet light is powered by an integral Lithium Polymer battery, which is USB rechargeable for convenience and economy.

Faff-free universal fit

A laddered-rubber mounting strap offers fast tool-free fitting, and makes our Moon lights easy to swap between bikes. What’s more, every Moon Comet lamp comes with a belt clip to further expand your mounting options.

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