15th February 2017

Cycling Route Guides in Northern England: Customer Favourites

"Hard work up Hardknott" by Co-op fan Dave

“Hard work up Hardknott” by Co-op fan Dave

We asked our customers to share their favourite rides, and here’s what they said! We hope you gain a bit of inspiration, and if you’d like to add your own ride to the list then drop us a line in the comments below.

Cheshire Ride with a Hill (to prove not all of Cheshire is flat)

“A nice ride including 1 serious hill (The Edge at Alderley) and an excellent cafe stop at Jodrell Bank with a scenic section through Tatton Park.” – Colin

Route map: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/17074661

Cheshire loop from Manchester

“Cheshire loop from Manchester.” – Andy, man of few words.

Route map: https://www.strava.com/activities/477436518

Hard work up Hardknott

“40 mile loop encompassing the rolling country roads and steep climbs to Birkerfell, Hard knott and Wrynose pass. Plenty of good pubs, twists, turns, woodlands, rivers sheep and cows. Starts and finishes in Coniston and is also a great ride in reverse. Warning 30% gradients so granny rings and disc brakes are a good idea.” – Dave

Route map: https://goo.gl/w2SW68


The Tyne Trundle by Thomas

Tyne Trundle

“This a very easy, very quiet 30km route out from Newcastle towards the coast and back along the old waggon ways. It’s about 90% traffic free so a great ride for beginners.  My route starts from Gosforth, but could easily be started from Newcastle centre.” – Thomas

Route map: https://www.strava.com/activities/833076894

The Lead Trail from Blaydon

“Starting in Blaydon near the old foundry where they smelted lead more efficiently retaining a higher percentage of the silver by-product. The route begins by taking you along the Blaydon burn to avoid the busy A695 and then onto the lead road (an old route from the Allen valley lead mines to the Blaydon foundry). The road takes you across some stunning views of the Tyne and Derwent valleys. Near Slaley the route leaves the lead road and heads to Whitley Chapel where it picks up another lead route over the moors called the Long Drag. Taking a detour to Allendale for refreshments the route then goes to Nenthead where more refreshments are available and a bicycle repair shop if needed. However, the main purpose of this loop is to take you by the Nenthead mines and Killhope lead mine and museum via the highest A-road in England before crossing over to Allenheads. The road then takes you pass another former mine before heading across the moors to Blanchland (on a more defined road than the long drag). Passing the magnificent Derwent reservoir the route picks up the old Derwent railway near Shotley Bridge and follows the route of the Derwent river under the gaze of the 18th century pleasure gardens of Gibside, before skirting the edge of the UK’s largest shopping centre before following the Tyne back to Blaydon.” – Nick

Route map: http://gb.mapometer.com/cycling/route_4470443.html

Yorkshire Dales with time for cake

“Starting from Clapham village, through the tunnel and keep climbing up to a nice viewpoint then head, drop down to Wharfe then enjoy a cake stop at Elaine’s tearooms in Feizor before making your way back over to Clapham on some easier trails.” – Amanda

Route map: https://www.strava.com/activities/548110168

The Yorkshire Dales by Amanda

The Yorkshire Dales by Amanda

Family-friendly Dobsons Ride (Formby Trail)

“I start from my house, 100m from Crosby Marine Lake and ride through the Marine crescent parks, between the lakes and onto the beach prom. 2 miles ish gets you to the Hall Rd coastguard station. then continue via Hightown then past Altcar army traiing firing range along the well maintained path parallel to the train track. Back on the public rd at Andrews lane and over Formby train station bridge then 1st left onto Freshfield Rd takes you back off road at the side of Freshfield train station. The route takes you a cross a golf course and to the most fun bit of the route through a small pine forest where there are some fun fast descents even with my daughter in her Weeride Kangaroo! There is a picnic area [mostly deserted even on warm sunny days 🙂 ] after a mile or so just before the route meets the Southport coastal Rd. This route is 9.5 miles each way and suitable for all cyclists with basic fitness. Very small percentage on rd’s and even then normally very quiet leafy suburban streets. You can continue to Southport via the coastal Rd or add a loop around the lake at the start by the Crosby Marina complex where there is nice food and drink available (and on the return leg too). A lot of the cinder paths on this ride have now been tarmacked over which I’m personally not happy about but if you are local and want to enjoy a gentle off road cycle perhaps with the family I’d recommend this ride so don’t let the rating put you off. Just remember this is a green route so don’t expect it to rival Glentress, Innerleithen, Cannock, Llandegla, Gisburn, etc. 1st 3 pics in following link are from the route…” – Henry

Poachers Inn, CheshireRoute map: http://www.moredirt.com/ratemyride/my_bikes.php?bikeusername=GT I-Ride 6.0

Bollington Pub Route

“Circular route from Bollington via a few nice hostelries for refreshments along the way!” – Nick

Route map: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1HQNK4U61cZUD6zoYiwdb0LxPVDw&usp=sharing

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