2nd December 2016

Cycling Gift Guide No. 3: Knog Bells, Whisky Jerseys, and Granny’s Favourite


Welcome to the Bicycle Co-op’s third gift guide to help you survive the Christmas shopping season. Here’s our pick of gifts to delight the cyclist in your life.

1. Knog Bells £15.99


We’ll be the first to admit some bicycle bells look a bit naff. Not this super stylish offering (with a superior “ping”, we might add) that looks like it could’ve come out of Harvey Nichols. Designed by Knog and only £15.99!

2. Endura FS260 Pro Nemo Gloves £26.59

Made from neoprene wetsuit material, these thin but toasty gloves insulate your hands by keeping a layer of warm water against your skin. Read our review – they really work!

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