14th May 2019

Cycling For Everyone

Cycling for Everyone

It’s Mental Health Awareness Week and the focus of this year’s campaign is Be Body Kind.

ⓒ Mental Health Foundation

ⓒ Mental Health Foundation

We hate the idea that anyone feels they can’t go cycling because they are ashamed or embarrassed about their body. Cycling is for everyone. No matter what their shape, size or age.

While ads for bikes might only use models with the “perfect” physique and look like they could compete in the Tour de France, real cyclists come in all shapes and sizes and ride a variety of distances and speeds.

Why do we believe cycling is great for everyone? Read our blog on the mental health benefits of cycling. Think you’re too old? Read Alan’s blog, Cycling at 50 or Extending Your Cycle Life.

How We Can Help You

If you’d like to improve your mental health by taking up cycling, we can help:

Give us a call, email or pop in store for honest advice: we can help you find the right bike in the right size. Or if you’ve already got a bike but it’s not been used in a while, take it in for a free safety check and we’ll advise you if you need a service.

Learn about electric: if you want a little extra power to your pedal, consider getting an electric bike. You still need to pedal but with that added boost, going up hills or at a faster pace becomes a lot easier.

Book a demo: we don’t do pressure sales. Why not take a bike for a quick spin or book it out for a longer demo to see if you feel comfortable riding a bike.

How You Can Help Someone

Model positive behaviour – speak positively about your body (nobody’s is perfect, remember) and take care of it e.g. making time to go for a cycle to keep active. We all know it’s hard to make time for yourself but even a thirty minute cycle helps the body and mind. Read our blog on the mental health benefits of cycling.

Know someone who you think feels shame about their body? Invite them for a cycle. Not only will they get some fresh air, they’ll be spending time with good company and hopefully come back feeling good about themselves.

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