24th July 2019

Cycle to Work Day

That’s right – Cycle to Work Day is back on 8 August 2019! Register and you can win prizes. But more importantly, if you don’t normally cycle to work, give it a try. Below we run through the top reasons for not cycling to work.. and come up with a few handy solutions to make cycling to work a viable option:

It’s too Far

Solution #1: Why not consider an electric bike? Giving you a boost to cover those miles (or those hills) will make commuting longer journeys substantially easier. You will still need to pedal but you can adjust the assist level depending on how hard you want to work or how far you have to cycle. Book an electric bike for a half price demo, cycle to work and see how you get on.

Solution #2: Opt for a folding bike so you don’t have to cycle the whole way. A folding bike is a great option if you want to park and ride or hop on a train or bus for part of your journey. Still want the electric assist? We have folding electric bikes too – Brompton Electric (available from Edinburgh Canonmills or Leeds) and Tern Vektron.


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I’ll get lost

Solution #1: Spend some time looking at a map before you head out (we stock several different maps and there are also handy online route planners). While whipping out a paper map might not be particularly convenient on your ride, a GPS mounted to your handlebars is. There is also a £50 cashback offer on some Garmin products at the moment too.

Solution #2: If you don’t think a GPS will be worth it in the long run, the first few times you cycle to work, why not ask a colleague to join you? It’s a bit more sociable, you’ll motivate each other to keep riding and at least you won’t be alone if you get lost.


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The roads are too busy

Solution #1: We’d love to say that all areas have excellent cycling infrastructure with segregated cycleways but unfortunately that’s not always the case. However, there are probably more low traffic routes than you might think. Sustrans is a great resource for finding cycle paths that will get you from A-B (we also stock many Sustrans maps if you like a physical copy). Cycle UK also has a handy Journey Planner where you can choose the quietest route.

Solution #2: If there is a short part of the journey on a road that you’re not comfortable cycling, why not just get off and push it along the pavement? Or better still, with a folding bike you can jump on a bus, train or take it in the car and cycle the rest of the way.


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There are no showers or changing facilities at my work

Solution #1: An electric bike! Opt for a step-through model and you can even cycle to work with ease in a tight suit or skirt. The power assist will help you travel at 15.5mph without having to work up a sweat. And from £54 a month if you use one of our finance options, it’s not anymore than most travel passes.

Solution #2: Petition your workplace to become a Cycle Friendly Employer. Plus, Cycling Scotland also has funding available to help make infrastructure changes such as cycle parking and changing areas.


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