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Our Offer

  • Edinburgh Bicycle Co-op will guide you through every stage of your Bike to Work Scheme’s launch and implementation.
  • Edinburgh Bicycle Co-op will supply all the legal and promotional materials that you will require.
  • We will provide all support at absolutely no charge to your organisation.
  • We pride ourselves in being very easy to get hold of.

Bike to Work Scheme Manager: 0131 319 2400 ext 772

General Enquiries: 0131 331 5010 or 0345 257 0808

Or email: enquiries@edinburghbicycle.com

Promotional Material

flyerWage Slip Flyer

Edinburgh Bicycle Co-op can supply you with attractive flyers to go out with wage slips.

This is a very effective means of introducing the Bike to Work Scheme to every staff member.


Employee Booklet

This simple jargon-free booklet explains the benefits of Bike to Work to employees, and how easy it is for them to join the Scheme. We will supply you with as many copies of this booklet as you think you will require.


Our website details our full range, giving employees as much information as possible about products we sell.


If you’re introducing a benefit, which many of your staff will appreciate, you want to ‘shout about it from the rooftops’. Edinburgh Bicycle will produce and provide you with posters that will get noticed.


Edinburgh Bicycle Co-op will provide a launch email which you can send to your staff as soon as the Scheme is up and running.


We will supply you with an FAQ Word document. This will include ready-reckoner tables that will make it easy for any employee to work out how much (or how little) they will have to pay each month for the bike on their wish list.

For Larger Employers We Can Also Offer:

road-showsRoad Shows

Edinburgh Bicycle Co-op staff can visit your workplace and offer your people first-hand tips on how easy it is to join the Scheme and demonstrate how much can be gained when you Bike to Work.