Benefits of the Cycle to Work scheme to you, the employer

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Introducing a Cycle to Work (or Bike to Work Scheme) enables you, the employer, to offer a tangible benefit for your workforce – a facility that enables your staff to make significant savings on the bike of their choice from Edinburgh Bicycle Co-operative.


The scheme can save the employer money as well. For every £1000 hired on the scheme, the employer saves £138 NI contributions as well.

Private organisations can claim capital allowances while the employer has ownership of the bike. Most organisations use these additional savings to fund the scheme and re-invest in cycling facilities within the organisation.

Employers who are our Bike to Work partners have told us that these savings more than cover the small amount of extra work required to administer the Scheme.

It’s hard to think of a perk that your staff will appreciate so much, that will cost you so little.

There are additional opportunities for employers to create further revenue. For more information about these opportunities, contact Edinburgh Bicycle Co-op by phone or email.

Bike to Work Scheme Manager: 0131 319 2400 ext 107

General Enquiries: 0131 331 5010 or 0345 257 0808

Or email:


Encouraging more of your staff to cycle to work is no bad thing. We all recognise the benefits of regular exercise: healthy body = healthy mind.

“Regular cyclists typically enjoy a level of fitness equivalent to someone 10 years younger.”
THE BMA: Cycling: towards health and safety. OUP 1992.

The great thing about riding a bike is that the employee gets their daily excercise fix on the way to work. Thoroughly oxygenated, cyclists will almost certainly turn up more alert and less stressed than their colleagues stuck in traffic jams or sardined in a delayed train.

“Healthy employess are more efficient, more productive and take less time off work.”TravelSmart Australia.

Another great reason to ride to work is that, even in the most congested cities, the cyclist gets from A to B within a predictable time frame. To put it in a nutshell, pedalling makes you more punctual.