6 Great Reasons For Cycling To Work

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 money1. Save Money

While the Bike to Work Scheme offers a low-cost incentive to take up cycling, the real savings become apparent when you discover how many hundreds (or thousands) of pounds can be saved on fuel and fares when you switch to cycling.

body2. Save Your Body

‘Cycling to work lowers the risk of dying prematurely by 40% and reduces the chance of developing cancer by 45%.’
University of Glasgow: April 2017

brain3. Save Your Brain

Healthy body, healthy mind. The very act of cycling to work ‘switches on’ the brain, making you alert for the day ahead. As Albert Einstein put it when speaking about his Theory of Relativity; “I thought of that while riding my bike”.

time4. Save Time

Even in the most congested cities, the cyclist gets from A to B within a predictable time frame. To put it in a nutshell, pedalling makes people more punctual.

planet5. Save Your Planet

Burn calories, not petrol. You know it makes sense.

6. The Happy Hour

Riding a bike is such a pleasure, it can make commuting one of the best parts of your day. Imagine that!

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