28th July 2016

Customising your bicycle to make it your own

Making your bike your own needn’t be dramatic. It can be a simple matter of changing the bar tape as illustrated here by the Bike Co-op’s Ged:

“Personalising the bicycle can be one of the pleasures of bike ownership.

When I bought my Genesis a year ago, being an old duffer, I customised it with SKS mudguards and a Brooks saddle in pursuit of that prerequisite of pleasurable pedalling – a dry and comfortable ass.

A little handlebar tape and some reflective spokes, and Ged's bike is practically one-of-a-kind

A little handlebar tape and some reflective spokes, and Ged’s bike is practically one-of-a-kind

The bike was now perfect from the off, apart from one detail.

I didn’t get on with the original bar tape so I replaced it with Brooks leather tape to match the saddle. Immediately, the bike felt and looked even better than new – at least in my opinion. And that’s the whole point of personalising the bicycle. It makes your bike your own and sets it apart from every other bike on the street.’

New handlebar tape can make all the difference.
Check also the Oxford Bright Spoke Reflectors – bling on a budget.

Was it happens we’re almost out of Brooks Leather Tape but we now have equally deluxe (and less expensive) bar wrap from Lizard Skinz and handlebar grips from Race Face in a rainbow of colours.

Free Fitting

If you are ordering a new bike from us, and you want anything changed or extras fitted, just ask. We will be delighted to customise the bicycle to your needs and we’ll waive the normal fitting charge.

Whether you want to add mudguards, lights, racks, bags, a childseat or a saddle to the order, we can advice which ones will be technically compatible with the bike, and you’ll have the peace of mind that your extras will be fitted professionally (but without the professional fitting charge).

A custom-built Surly expedition bike put together for a Bike Co-op customer

A custom-built Surly expedition bike put together for a Bike Co-op customer

Custom Build

Sometimes our customer’s needs are so particular, it’s more economical to custom build the bike from the bare frame, up.

Here’s a lovely Surly Long Haul Trucker we put together a couple of weeks ago.

Here’s how a custom build works.

  1. Pop instore or give us a call (0345 257 0808) to discuss your needs.
  2. Order the frame and parts from us.
  3. Our mechanic will spend a whole day building the machine from scratch, lavishing the same care on your pride and joy as they would on their own bike.
  4. When the final bill is added up we will knock 20% off the price of every component fitted to the frame and fork.

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  1. Katie scott on

    Hi my son would like a batman bike for his birthday but I can’t find one in 20” anywhere, is this something you can help with please?


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