10th February 2016

Cross bikes: Fun on Sunday, Commute on Monday


If you’re the kind of person who doesn’t want to limit themselves to only one kind of bike riding, and needs a versatile bike that can handle the trails just as well as the roads, then a cross bike could be for you. Get dirty on the hills on a Sunday and cycle to work on a Monday with our selection of cross bikes below, and ways to keep your bike clean at the bottom of the page.

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Liv Brava SLR Women’s £999 [No Longer in Stock]

Liv Brava SLR Women's 16 Bike

The Liv Brava brings colour and dash to women’s cross bikes.

The Brava is designed by Liv’s dedicated all-women team and manufactured by Giant. Hence the fast-yet-comfortable AluxX SLR frame and the lightweight shock-absorbing D-Fuse carbon frame and composite fork – all manufactured in Giant’s own state-of-the-art facilities. Equipped with Shimano 105 STI 2×11 gears and TRP Spyre brakes (‘the best non-hydraulic road bike and cyclo-cross stoppers we’ve used.’ road.cc) this is an extraordinary bike for the money.

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Giant TCX SLR 1 £1,249 [No Longer in Stock]

Giant TCX SLR 1 16 bike

The Giant TCX SLR 1 stands out as a race-ready cross bike. In contrast to a cross-inspired all-rounder such as a Cannondale or Genesis, a Giant TCX bike won’t take full-length mudguards. But it will handle beautifully round the muddy cross courses it was built for, as described in Cycling Weekly’s 9/10 review of the fundamentally identical 2015 model.

Here’s how Bike Co-op sales director Alan Nestor describes his two and a half year old TCX SLR 1:

alan with tcx

‘Nippy, comfortable & solid. It works for me! A long commuter and winter trainer.’

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Cannondale CAADX 105 £999 [No Longer in Stock]

Cannondale CAADX 105 16 bike

The CAADX typifies what Cannondale are best famed for – superb aluminium frame manipulation. Despite appearances, the CAADX will take full mudguards and a rack if required for everyday all-weather use. Inboard mounting the front guard eyelets above disc brake level is a perfect example of Cannondale’s engineering genius.

We asked the Co-op’s online salesperson Grant what attracted him to his CAADX:

grant with cannondale

‘I went for the CAADX because of the versatility.  Semi-slick tyres make it fast on my road commute, but give me the option of some cheeky trails when the urge takes me.

I also wanted discs for the stopping power and lack of wear on rims plus the ability to fit full mudguards to keep my backside dry.

All in all, a great all round bike.’

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Cannondale CAADX Ultegra £1,499 [No Longer in Stock]

Cannondale CAADX Ultegra 16 bike

This CAADX is made even more desirable, boasting high-end Shimano Ultegra gear shifting and RS585 hydraulic disc brake for effortless speed control at your fingertips.

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