18th February 2016

Have you cottoned on to Specialized’s latest and greatest road tyre?

specialized cotton road tyre

When Specialized announce that their latest S-Works Turbo Cotton road tyre is ‘the lowest rolling resistance road tyre the company has ever offered,’ you have to take notice.

After all, road bike tyres are in Specialized’s blood.

Competition-quality tyres were Specialized’s first speciality. They produced their first tyre way back in 1976. That was before Specialized built their first bike.

Specialized Turbo Cotton 700×26 Tyre £50.00

specialized turbo cotton tyre

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In 1978 Specialized launched the Turbo – the world’s first folding clincher tyre that matched the performance of tubulars.

Nearly 40 years on, Specialized have perfected the folding clincher concept with their Turbo Cotton.

To achieve this improvement, Specialized head hunted Wolfgang Arenz – a world expert in tyre compounds.

When you learn that Wolfgang created the benchmark Grand Prix 4000S II folding clincher for his previous employer, Continental, you can trust in his CV.

When you learn that Wolfgang worked with Mark Cavendish and Tony Martin in the development of Specialized’s proprietary Gripton tyre compound, which delivers measurable speed benefits without compromising grip, you’ve got to be interested.

Combine this tread with an ultra-supple 320 TPI cotton casing, you gain a clear cut performance advantage and one the most comfortable rides imaginable – especially in this 700×26 size. (To find out why wider tyres can be more comfortable – and faster – check this review.)

For an independent write up on this tyre, check Bike Radar’s review, which scored this tyre 4.5/5 with the summary, ‘ultra-fast, superb grip and a truly sublime ride’.

I’ll have two please.

One caveat. Unless you’re very rich, the Specialized Turbo Cotton is no commuting or training tyre. Made for the connoisseur, it’s best reserved for dry weather events, be it a race or a sportive, where you’re looking to knock significant seconds off your PB.

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