5th December 2016

Try out Cycling Shoes & Pedals in our Mini-Workshops

Pop along to one of our shop demos between 11-12 February 2017 and you’ll have an opportunity to slip into a pair of real cycling shoes, ready fitted with pedal cleats as shown here.

3-4pm Sat 11th February at our Newcastle shop

3-4pm Sat 11th February at our Edinburgh Bruntsfield shop

4:30-5:30pm Sat 11th February at our Leeds shop

4-5pm Sunday 12 February at our Aberdeen shop

Then you’ll be invited to hop onto a stationary bike mounted on a turbo trainer and discover what it’s like to ride clipped in.

Perhaps even more important, you’ll discover just how easy it is to unclip when you need to dab your foot, say, when you stop at a red light.

clipless pedals cleat

Informal Demos

Our demos are designed to be as informal as they are informative. We won’t charge a consultation fee and no booking is required.

Just rock up any time over the allotted hour and we’ll guarantee you’ll have an opportunity to enjoy the delights of what the French call pédales automatiques.

Why we’re doing demos

Most people who switch from traditional flat pedals to a cleated pedal/shoe system rate it the best cycling equipment upgrade they’ve ever made.

Sadly, you might never make this discovery if you’ve never had the opportunity to try the pedals and shoes for yourself.

We also understand that you might be wary of trialing clip-in pedals in traffic. That’s where trying them out in a safe indoor environment with expert supervision comes in.

For a more detailed primer on this topic, see our Guide to Pedals and Shoes.

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One comment on “Try out Cycling Shoes & Pedals in our Mini-Workshops

  1. Martin Walton on

    It would be great to attend one of these demos but sadly your Manchester branch of which I was a fairly frequent client closed without a great deal of notice. A trip to Leeds at 40 miles I know is not a million miles but nevertheless I bit too far for a demonstration especially on a Saturday-very busy shopping day though love Leeds as a shopping destination. Having frequented that journey to Leeds University often when family studied there. So afraid a missed opportunity there!!! Unless there a chance of a Manchester area re-opening in the offing?


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