10th January 2020

Buying a Bike Through a Cycle to Work Scheme

Does your employer offer a Cycle to Work scheme to help you make valuable tax savings on the purchase of a bike and cycling equipment? If so, one of our customers, Omar, runs through the process of how easy it is to shop with us and still take advantage of a cycle to work scheme. Not only do we run our own scheme, called Bike To Work but we accept vouchers for all the major schemes including Cyclescheme and Cycle2Work (Halfords).

Using Cycle to Work Scheme Part One: Choosing the Right Bike

Cycle to Work Scheme | Cyclescheme

Me with my bike

Choosing the Genesis was reasonably straight forward as I have previously bought both a Genesis Day Zero hybrid (~2008) and Genesis Croix De Fer (~2013) from your Newcastle store. I think that they produce excellent cycles-particularly with regard to frame quality. I chose the Genesis Zero as it would be a fast commute cycle though originally designed as a road cycle. I actually did the research through your website first. I spoke to staff at the Newcastle Branch about obtaining a frame size which would fit me to view and about the cycle to work scheme.

Using A Cycle To Work Scheme Part Two: Buying my Bike

Your staff were incredibly helpful with regard to the cycle to work schemes. After seeing the cycle after finally choosing it, your staff offered to help with the paperwork and made me aware that your company offers its own unique scheme should my employer not be helpful or be tied to its own particular scheme. My employer, the Newcastle Hospitals NHS Trust, uses the CycleScheme service exclusively, so I ended up applying in this manner. Your staff gave me all the relevant figures that I required for the paperwork and offered to help with the application again if required. I think that most of the application process is relatively straight forward and I would encourage people to consider it if they are interested in buying a cycle, and commuting to work on a cycle being one of its potential uses. A work colleague of mine at the RVI, Newcastle also took advantage of the scheme. In this case as it was her first cycle purchase, your staff proved very helpful in advising about the right choice for her needs. This was not necessary for me as I have quite a lot of experience with bicycles but it is good to know that this level of service is available.

Using A Cycle To Work Scheme Part Three: Using my Bike

Cycle to Work Scheme | Cyclescheme

Outside work with my bike

I am now going to use the Cycle to Work Scheme cycle for the ultimate work-related benefit, a charity cycle event for my employer. This the famous Cape Argus Tour of Cape Town Cycle Ride – the largest cycle participation event in the world that takes place in the beautiful Cape Region of South Africa. I am raising money for the Great Northern Children’s Hospital at the RVI, Newcastle-upon-Tyne. It is their 10th anniversary. The North East is lucky enough to have right here on its doorstep one of the largest and most comprehensive children’s hospitals in the UK.

The Great North Children’s Hospital (GNCH) offers the most extensive range of children’s services anywhere outside of London. It has special wards, operating theatres, outpatients and day case suites, all tailored just for children. It even has its own Accident and Emergency Department. Everything a sick or injured child may need is under one roof.

The young patients include thousands of local children from the North East and Cumbria as well as those who travel with their families from across the country, and even the world, to benefit from the GNCH’s specialist services. I believe there is no better place for a sick or injured child or young person to be when they need expert care. If you’d like to sponsor me, visit this page.

Taking My Bike Abroad

Cycle to Work Scheme | Cyclescheme

My wheel built by Dave

As this is a very important cycling event for me, I will be using my Genesis Zero rather taking the risk of an unfamiliar hire cycle for my most important cycle challenge. I have had custom wheels built for me by Dave the cycle mechanic and wheel-builder at the Newcastle branch. He was highly recommended by a number of people. Before the event on 8/3/2020, I will have the cycle serviced at Edinburgh cycles. The airlines are very strict about taking cycles which have to conform to stipulated box sizes. In view of this and the importance of using this cycle for the Cape Argus event, I will have the cycle boxed for transport at your Newcastle store so that I do not run in to any problems about the size of the box or the protection it offers.



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