6th August 2015

Brooks Cambium Saddles: What’s so great about them?

Brooks – the company most famous for their handcrafted leather saddles – caused a stir in cycling circles last year with the launch of a new range of saddles that retained Brooks’ trademark elegance but dispensed with the cow hide.

Instead, a Brooks Cambium’s saddle top is moulded from three materials – organic cotton canvas, natural rubber and a structural textile fabric. The result is a handsome seat that delivers long-day comfort, while doing away with the care issues associated with leather saddles.

Every Cambium saddle has the following advantages over a Brooks leather saddle.

  1. No breaking-in period, so comfort from the off.
  2. No proofing / tension bolt maintenance required.
  3. No anxiety if the saddle is left out in the rain.

To further guarantee longevity, the Cambium saddles’ rails are hollow stainless steel.

Crucially, every Cambium retains a couple of Brooks’ key comfort features.

  1. The saddle top is riveted to the extra-long rails to create a subtle light-sprung element of suspension. Brooks call this, ‘the hammock effect’. This feature is as intrinsic to Brooks saddles’ legendary comfort as the fine materials used to produce them.
  2. The saddle is higher at the back where it supports your sit bones. Then it slopes down to minimise contact with the perineum.

You have to admire Brooks for having the chutzpah to create a range that rivals their best leather saddles.

brooks c17 cambium saddleBrooks Cambium C17 Saddle [NO LONGER AVAILABLE]

Tell me more… 
The clue’s in the name. The Cambium C17 is built to the same dimension and shape as Brooks’ most popular saddle, the B17.

Why is this cool?
When it comes to bicycle saddle construction, materials are important, but shape is all.

What gives this saddle the edge?
‘A wonderfully comfortable fusion of classic ideas and modern materials. 4.5/5’: road.cc review.

Brooks Cambium C17 S Saddlebrooks-c17-s-cambium


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Tell me more… 
Shorter in length, this is the women’s version of the Brooks C17 saddle.

Why is this cool?
The Brooks Cambium C17S looks good, feels comfortable and is crafted to offer years of service

What gives this saddle the edge?
The light-sprung comfort of a Brooks saddle with a no-leather weatherproof top. What’s not to like?

brooks-c17-cambium-carvedBrooks Cambium C17 Carved Saddle

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Tell me more… 
All the qualities of the standard Brooks Cambium C17 with a cutout section to further alleviate perineal pressure. 

Why is this cool?
Reducing perineal pressure helps prevent saddle-induced numbness and pain.

What gives this saddle the edge?
In the words of Brooks, ‘the additional flexibility absorbs bumps and vibrations from the road, functioning much in the way of a shock absorbing seat post’.

No-quibble saddle comfort guarantee

Any saddle purchased from any of our shops is covered by our no-quibble comfort guarantee. That is, if it fails to make you more comfortable, return it to the shop within a month of purchase, and we’ll replace it with an alternative saddle (or a gift voucher) to the same value.

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