25th May 2012

Can a Brompton be used as a touring bike?

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A Brompton can be used as a touring bike no problem, judging from the experience of our customer Paul Truin who sent us this account of his Coast to Coast Ride along Hadrian’s Cycleway:

Paul calls into into his local branch quite often.

Brompton at Hadrian's wall

Of particular interest and assurance to me, is the fact that a member of the team, Alan, is a Brompton enthusiast, as well as being an exceedingly decent bloke. It makes such a difference, when I have brought my bike in for a service or a repair problem, to know that there is a man who really knows his stuff available. [To book your own bike in for a service or repair, look here – editor].

When I saw Alan in you store last Wednesday, he told me that he was once again going to the annual Brompton event at Blenheim Palace. Not wanting to be too out-done(!), I informed him that I was off in a few days to tackle Hadrian’s Cycleway. He was very interested to hear about this, and thought that you guys might like to know about my plans….so here it is!”

Brompton by the riverThe Trip

On Monday the 14th of May 2012, I set off on my Brompton folding bicycle for Sheffield Railway Station. I was on my way to the first stage of a cycling/camping trip that took me from Ravenglass on the Cumbrian Coast, via Carlisle to Tynemouth beyond Newcastle, on the North Sea. This is Hadrian’s Cycleway*. The route covers a distance of 174 miles (I pedalled closer to 200 miles) which I completed in three and a half days of reasonable biking, camping each night.

*(And you didn’t know that the Romans had bikes?)”

Paul completed this ride to raise funds for the National Autism Society.


10 comments on “Can a Brompton be used as a touring bike?

    • Paul on

      Hi John
      Sorry for any delay in this reply.
      Yes, my Brompton has 6 gears.
      It can be a bit demanding on the hills, but gives you a fair pace on the flat.
      It is always a compromise, and you know that you can choose reduced, standard or higher gearing on a new Brompton. Mine is standard.
      After camping at Edale last weekend, so therefore pretty well loaded-up with gear, I cycled back to north Sheffield via Hathersage. It was tough, but we did it!

  1. finmadden on

    I cycled with my Brompton (intitially a 3 speed, but modified in Germany with a second front cog) from Dublin to Ljubljana this summer. My longest day wasy 181km, and I handled a few 1200m+ climbs in Switzerland. Now I am contemplating a round the world trip on the bike. It has so many advantages, and so few disadvantages. Absolutely brilliant bike. Any problems with the small wheels can be overcome by with time and sweat.

    • paul on

      Now, that was a trip. Well done, and the best of luck with your contemplation, and future plans.
      The next one for me is due to be is a little run from Rotherham to Rotterdam, again for charity in May, camping on the way. What a great bike for going camping with. Great for carrying gear, and great for folding and putting into the tent at night.
      My Brompton really has changed my life in many ways, and it is hard to believe that it is only 18 months since it arrived.

  2. Alan Knott on

    Hi Paul

    Are you keeping ok, how is the Brompton doing? Any more long trips in the pipe line?
    We have got a small Brompton Ride in Sheffield on the 20th April 2013. 20 mile ride round Sheffield. We are meeting at the Railway station at 10.00 am, hope you can come. There are a few prizes which each Brompton taking part will get and a prize for best presented Brompton.
    All the Best from
    Alan Knott
    Sheffield EBC Store

  3. Brian on

    Hi, Interesting to read your Brompton touring achievements. Has anyone managed to lower their Brompton gearing more than the factory settings – maybe by fitting a non-standard chainwheel or sprockets?

    • Colin pearce on

      I am thinking of lowering the gears on my 6 speed,I will just fit a larger rear sprocket to see what results this gives me.


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