13th July 2016

Bopworx: The ultimate in bicycle frame protection

bopworx bike protection

Be Bob a Lula – Bopworx are made to help you enjoy your bike travels without the travails.

Bopworx are intelligently designed, silicone/rubber bumpers that strap instantly on to near-any bike frame tube, fork leg, handlebar or seatpost to prevent your pride and joy suffering a scrape or a bashing in transit or in storage. Bopworx are not only the ultimate in bicycle frame protection, they also protect the bike’s components.

bopworx rear derailleur guard to protect your bike

The Bopworx Rear Derailleur Guard, one of several Bopworx innovations

The first time you use the dropout-saving steel-reinforced Bopworx Derailleur Guard, you’ll understand it was made by people who know about protecting bikes.

Whenever you take the front wheel off your bike to fit it in the back of a car, you’ll appreciate the upholstery-protecting Fork Guard.

Voted one of 2016’s ‘Coolest New Bike Accessories’ by MensJournal.com, Bopworx have taken bicycle protection to a whole new level of sophistication compared with traditional methods.

As our buying director and Bike Co-op founder member Mike Sweatman put it,

‘Bopworx are classy objects that would not look out of place in the kitchen department of John Lewis, alongside the chromed Espresso machines and special tongs for serving tagliatelle.’

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Bike Pod Hire Service

Talking of looking after your bike in transit, did you know we still offer a Bike Pod Hire Service?

We can rent you a top-rated bike transit case for seven days for £60.

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grassy man

Grass is another excellent way to protect your bicycle.

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