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The Benefits of Cycling

Benefits of Cycling

The Benefits of Cycling There are many benefits of cycling.  It’s better for the environment. It’s great for physical fitness. Not to mention the financial big plus if your ride a bike rather than run a car. However, to coincide with Mental Health Awareness Week, we’re talking mental health benefits. While we’re not saying that… Read more »

Cycling Events Worth Doing in 2018

Cycling Events

Cycling events are great fun, great for motivation, great for raising money for charity. Great for so many reasons! And luckily, there are so many cycling events being organised all over the country, you’re spoiled for choice. To help you choose the events that might suit you best, here’s our pick of the crop, based on… Read more »

What style of road bike is best for me? Classic, Endurance or Aero

what kind of road bike should i get

Road bikes have come in all sorts of shapes and sizes over the past 100-plus years so finding the best road bike for you might seem overwhelming. Here’s one Cannondale did already, on the right. Today, the design has pretty much settled down, so at least 90% of today’s road bikes come in one of… Read more »

The mindset of a roadie

The road cyclist, or “roadie” as he/she is affectionately known, is a particular breed of cyclist that loves lycra and is obsessed with all things carbon-composite. Take a peek inside their heads and you’ll notice some interesting ways of thinking… Know a roadie? Share with a friend using the buttons below. Shop Road Bicycles

What is a flat bar road bike?

Whyte Stirling 2018

The Raleigh Strada 1, our current best buy flat bar road bike. A flat bar road bike is like a normal road bike (or “racer” as they’re sometimes called,) but instead of having drop handlebars (that curve down), it has flat handlebars. If you want to enjoy the fun and exhilaration of riding a fast,… Read more »

Why the Specialized Diverge 2018 could be your “One Bike” for this year

Buy a Specialized Diverge 2018 while stocks last >> When Specialized alerted us that their whole Diverge dirt road-capable road bike range was being radically upgraded for 2018 we were amazed. After all, the Diverge was launched as recently as 2015 when it was pretty universally hailed as a superb example of the ‘go anywhere bike’. Only… Read more »

How to take care of carbon bikes

Topeak Nano torque wrench

The Cervelo S3 Ultegra 2017 carbon aero road bike Check the pro peloton. If you want the fastest, lightest road bike, carbon composite is king. For some of the most highly rated bike companies, no other material competes. Think Cervélo. But isn’t carbon comparatively fragile? Its use in aerospace applications informs us that carbon is… Read more »

Bicycle Co-op Hall of Fame: Simon Telford

When you visit our Newcastle shop, you’ll probably know Simon Telford as the friendly shop manager. Simon’s not one to blow his own trumpet so you might not realise that he was once a contender in UK road bike circles. Racing in the highly competitive amateur scene of the early 1990s, Simon loved to test… Read more »