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What to look for when buying a kids bike

kids with frog bikes

It can be a daunting prospect, but once you’ve got the knack you’ll be able to choose kids’ bikes like a pro. Download our comprehensive guide or get some pointers below.   Shop All Kids bikes   Weight: Make sure the bike you’re looking at is light in weight. Adults don’t tend to appreciate how heavy,… Read more »

How much is it to take your bike on a plane? Airline bike cost comparison infographic

bicycle luggage charges for air travel

Have you ever started looking at cheap flights for your cycling holiday and been dismayed by the extra cost to take your bicycle… And then opened 12 different tabs on your browser to compare different airlines? Well close those tabs and check this out. The thoughtful people at bike insurers Yellow Jersey Cycle have created… Read more »

Biking the Baltic

Way back in March we ran a Win A Deluxe Service Competition. We considered 300 entries before awarding the prize to Jennifer Tough who was planning a 9-country tour around the Baltic Sea. Read her report and be inspired to visit Estonia, Denmark, the Baltic islands…