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How to motivate yourself to cycle more

cycling motivation

Even if you’re familiar with the benefits of cycling, it’s easy to restrict yourself to just the occasional specific ride – especially in winter. Here’s 12 things you can try to get you to ride more. Feeling too tired to ride? Just get on the bike and within minutes, you’ll almost always feel energized, happier… Read more »

12 reasons why cycling beats other forms of exercise

Ex rugby internationalist turned broadcaster John Beattie hosted an interesting TV programme on 2 January 2017 called The Medal Myth. The show questioned the received wisdom that success at the Olympic and Commonwealth Games had been an incentive for more people in Britain to adopt a healthy lifestyle. It demonstrated that while international sports success… Read more »

Co-op Member Highlight: Gordon the Mechanic

Hi Gordon. How long have you been with the Co-op? I’ve been a Bruntsfield shop mechanic since 2002. Favourite book of all time? Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy If money was no object what would your dream transport be? A tricked-out titanium flatbar hybrid If you could have three houses anywhere in the world where… Read more »

Commuting by bicycle in winter in Scotland: Things I have learned

Written by Simon, Digital Marketer at Edinburgh Bicycle Cooperative It’s been a year since I started working at Bicycle Coop HQ in the middle of a field outside of Edinburgh, and I’ve survived 1.5 winters of bike commuting. That’s not bad going for someone who doesn’t consider himself “a bike person”. Here’s what I’ve learned.… Read more »