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Complaints about cyclists – and ways to respond

complaints about cyclists - bingo card

Anyone who’s ever read an article about cycling will know that the comments section quickly descends into a cyclist-hating rampage, which is why we made the Cycling Bingo card above. Why not treat yourself to a game? How to respond (some suggestions) Cyclists don’t pay road tax. Road tax was abolished in 1937, and was… Read more »

Why Choose a 1x (one-by) bicycle drivetrain?

1x drivetrain

Introduced by SRAM in 2012 for their top-end 1×11 mountain bike drivetrains, one-by (usually referred to as 1x) groupsets are growing in popularity for all types of bicycle, including road, hybrid and electric bikes. 1x drivetrains are now available in a growing range of iterations including 1×9, 1×10, 1×11 and 1×12, and not just from… Read more »

United We Ride | What it’s all about

United We Ride - Edinburgh Bike Coop

  We’re not elitist here at the Edinburgh Bicycle Cooperative. We believe cycling is for everyone, whether you’re into commuting, mountain biking, road cycling, touring or just pottering about. While our shop staff and mechanics are true diehards, some of us only cycle on the odd weekend or purely for commuting – just like many… Read more »

Why are bicycles so expensive? A consideration

The Giant Defy Advanced Pro 2 2017, pro-level riding for £2,499 LAST UPDATED 7TH FEB 2019 The answer is: They aren’t. But they can be. Many people who are new to cycling are horrified at the thought of a £1,000 bicycle, and usually say something along the lines of: “You can buy a car/motorbike/one-bedroom flat… Read more »

Cycling Route of the Week: The East Lothian Garden Trail

A day for all cyclists – whether you’re after an easy dawdle through the countryside or a garden-to-garden sprint, the East Lothian Garden Trail suits all needs. Scotland’s Gardens opens over 500 private gardens to raise money for around 200 different charities. The East Lothian Garden Trail lets you a buy a ticket, which gives… Read more »

Bicycle Co-op Member Hall of Fame: Les Simpson

Les has been our Aberdeen store manager since the shop became part of the Bike Co-op in 2002. Having worked at the shop for its former owner (Cycling World) over the previous 19 years, Les is the living embodiment of the expression – a safe pair of hands. When Les started working in the shop… Read more »

5 Questions you wanted to ask about hydration but didn’t want to look stupid asking in front of your friends

Updated 23 August 2019 Like a sentient cucumber, the human body is made up of two-thirds of water (actually, cucumbers are made of 96% water – Ed.) Proper hydration allows all kinds of great things to happen in the human body, like lubricating your joints, fueling your muscles, and regulating your body temperature. But why… Read more »

3 Essential Yoga Poses for Cyclists

Written by Kirsty, Sales Assistant at Edinburgh Bruntsfield and yoga teacher In cycling, the quadriceps, hamstrings, and hips never rest. As a result, riders often have overdeveloped quadriceps and tight hamstrings, which can pull the hips out of alignment. Also, a cyclist’s spine is constantly flexed forward. If proper form isn’t maintained, it can result… Read more »

10-minute Yoga for Cyclists

yoga for cyclists

A bit of yoga for cyclists featuring a lazy dachshund on the left. We teamed up with yogi extraordinaire Tamara of People’s Republic of Yoga for a bit of advice on how to re-balance the body, and the result is two 10-minute yoga for cyclists routines. The routines are designed to be just long enough… Read more »

Viral Cycling Videos for March 2017

Welcome to our monthly round-up of viral cycling videos! If you’ve seen any good ones this March, share a link in the comments below. 1. Now that’s windy 2. A spectacular wipeout Nasty crash for @MatveyMamykin #tirreno🇮🇹 — CyclingHub (@CyclingHubTV) March 11, 2017 3. Baggage handlers hating bicycles Hey @easyJet – seriously not cool… Read more »