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Bicycle Co-op Member Hall of Fame: Les Simpson


Les has been our Aberdeen store manager since the shop became part of the Bike Co-op in 2002. Having worked at the shop for its former owner (Cycling World) over the previous 19 years, Les is the living embodiment of the expression – a safe pair of hands. When Les started working in the shop… Read more »

Bicycle Co-op Hall of Fame: Simon Telford


When you visit our Newcastle shop, you’ll probably know Simon Telford as the friendly shop manager. Simon’s not one to blow his own trumpet so you might not realise that he was once a contender in UK road bike circles. Racing in the highly competitive amateur scene of the early 1990s, Simon loved to test… Read more »

5 Questions you wanted to ask about hydration but didn’t want to look stupid asking in front of your friends


Like a sentient cucumber, the human body is made up of two-thirds of water (actually, cucumbers are made of 96% water – Ed.) Proper hydration allows all kinds of great things to happen in the human body, like lubricating your joints, fueling your muscles, and regulating your body temperature. But why should you care? Here’s… Read more »

Viral Cycling Videos for April 2017


Hello and welcome to our collection of viral videos for April 2017! Want viral videos every month? Subscribe to our email news. 1. Pro Bikes of 2017: Peter Sagan’s Custom S-Works Roubaix 2. Peloton pays tribute to Michele Scarponi with applause at start of Liege-Bastogne-Liege   L’ensemble du peloton rend hommage à Michele Scarponi /… Read more »

3 Essential Yoga Poses for Cyclists


Written by Kirsty, Sales Assistant at Edinburgh Bruntsfield and yoga teacher on our new Yoga for Cyclists class. In cycling, the quadriceps, hamstrings, and hips never rest. As a result, riders often have overdeveloped quadriceps and tight hamstrings, which can pull the hips out of alignment. Also, a cyclist’s spine is constantly flexed forward. If… Read more »

New Yoga Class for Cyclists at Edinburgh Bruntsfield!

yoga for cyclists

We’re very excited to be offering a couple of yoga classes for cyclists on Thursdays 6-7pm and Saturdays 10-11am in our Bruntsfield shop led by our resident qualified yoga instructor, Kirsty! It’s only £10 a class and you’ll learn some routines that can really help you loosen off those tight hamstrings and hips, and help… Read more »

10-minute Yoga for Busy Cyclists

yoga for cyclists

A bit of yoga for cyclists featuring a lazy dachshund on the left. Cycling is great exercise, but as with any repetitive motion over time it can take its toll on the body. Common complaints of the ailing cyclist include tight hamstrings and hips, and a sore lower back. We teamed up with yogi extraordinaire… Read more »

Viral Cycling Videos for March 2017


Welcome to our monthly round-up of viral cycling videos! If you’ve seen any good ones this March, share a link in the comments below. 1. Now that’s windy 2. A spectacular wipeout Nasty crash for @MatveyMamykin #tirreno🇮🇹 — CyclingHub (@CyclingHubTV) March 11, 2017 3. Baggage handlers hating bicycles Hey @easyJet – seriously not cool… Read more »

Viral Cycling Videos for February 2017


Welcome to another edition of Viral Videos! This fine month, a kangaroo whacks a cyclist, a brave Belgian stands up for what he believes in, and a driver gets very, very, angry. 1. Driver loses his mind on camera The footage was captured in Marin County, California, in the town of Ross. It’s unclear to… Read more »

Viral Cycling Videos for January 2017


Welcome to this month’s Viral Videos, where we share a handful of the videos we’ve watched over the past month! Want to share a video you’ve seen? Get in touch. The Pinarelllo Bolide Maat 60.1 which helped Elia Viviani win gold in the omnium in 2016 despite crashing. The bike only cost a cool £12,000… Read more »

How Ged learned to love road shoes with Look pedals

ged holmyard

Written by Ged, Copy Writer at the Edinburgh Bicycle Cooperative “I’ve been riding SPD-style pedals for 20-odd years. From day one (well, day two if I’m honest) the knack of clipping the cleated shoe into the pedal or releasing it became second nature. I realised immediately that SPDs were a big improvement on the toeclips… Read more »