16th November 2018

Black Friday

In the US, since the middle of the 20th Century, the end of November (Thanksgiving) has marked the beginning of the holiday shopping season. Thousands of people flocked to city centres to view the parades, and pick up a few gifts while they were there.

Sixty or so years on, it’s morphed into a bit of a monster. Each year, the press is full of stories of crazed shoppers, physical fights over tellies and toasters, bruises, stampedes and much more. Indeed, the backlash against Black Friday has already started, with many families deciding not to shop that day for fear of having to navigate the unmanageable crowds.

Since this phenomenon has hit the UK shores, the Bike Coop has decided to not to engage in Black Friday.

The Bike Coop has to remain sustainable, and the truth is, if we discounted as much and as often as the big retailers, we would be putting the business at risk. We believe in protecting our employees, and operating by the values we’ve become known for over the past forty years – being an authentic business that stocks the best brands, has expert staff, and provides trusted advice and support whenever you need it. Our owners are bike mechanics, sales staff, and warehouse employees – they’re all dedicated workers involved in the business and, unlike most shareholders, you can meet them whenever you’re in a store.

We also want you to have the best shopping experience possible. It would be contrary to everything we believed about customer service to create a scramble for products, rather than allow you the time and space your need to choose the right bike. If you’re in a hurry and under pressure, you’re less likely to find what you really need.

Read more about us here.

Long-standing Co-op member Chaz helps a customer with some lights.

If you are looking for a discount, the Offers section of our website displays all our discounted items – plenty of opportunity to pick up a bargain.

So… whether you’re out for something specific or just a bit of a browse, pop in and see us (or shop online) any time of the year and we’d be more than happy to help.

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