7th May 2018

How to Prevent Bike Theft

Last updated 30 January 2020

Bike Theft – Lock Thieves Out

Prevent bike theft

Keep your bike safe from thieves

Investing in a new bike is great. You can get out and about and enjoy smooth, easy riding. But it’s not all good news. It makes you a prime target for bike theft as there are plenty of thieves around who will notice people with new bikes or bikes that aren’t securely locked up.

Investing in a Lock (or two)

As obvious as it may sound, the key to preventing bike theft is a good lock or two.  And like many things in life, you get what you pay for with a bike lock. Invest in a decent one. A small, thin, cheap one, is just a few tugs or snips away from being nothing more than pavement decoration for where you bike use to be. Using two locks is even better! Put one around the frame, back wheel and rack while the second goes round the frame, front wheel and rack. Using two different types of lock might also help deter a bike thief as they’d need two different types of tools to steal the bike.

Sold Secure are a UK independent organisation which tests the security levels of locks. Each lock they test is classified into Bronze, Silver and Gold.  As you might expect, gold offers the “highest level of security” so keep a look out for brands which promote their security level.

D Locks (aka U Locks)

A rigid U-shaped shackle attaches to a straight crossbar to make a secure padlock. You’ll want to go for the smallest D lock you can fit. This is because it’s better that the lock fits as tight as possible around your frame, wheel etc so there is less room for a thief to use his/her tools to  break it.


D Locks



Chain & Cable Locks

More flexible in terms of where to chain your bike to and still pretty robust but tends to be heavier to ride about with.



Chain Locks


Use your lock

Always. Even if you’re just turning your back for two or three minutes. Think how quickly you could get ride away on a bike that wasn’t locked… it only takes a few seconds for an opportunistic thief to pedal away with your pride and joy. Even if you don’t expect to use it, take your lock with you so you can secure your bike if you need to.

Lock your bike to both the frame and wheels for ultimate protection. And in an awkward position for a would-be thief. Using the lock near the ground isn’t idea; the thief can use a hammer to smash the lock against the hard ground or they can use the ground as leverage if they’re using a bolt cutter.

Lock it somewhere safe

If you keep your bike indoors you can still be a victim of bike theft.  Make sure you still invest in a decent lock and mount like the Abus Wall Anchor. If you keep your bike in a shed or garage, make sure they have decent locks too. Not ones that can easily (and silently) be picked. You might also want to consider an alarm.

For those who store their bike outdoors. Go for a well lit area, ideally with CCTV. If there’s an option, park near other bikes. That means if you know yours is well secured, a thief in the area will go after someone elses!

Alternatively, if secure storage space is limited, you might also want to consider a folding bike that you can keep indoor.

Remove what you can

Prevent Bike Theft

Remove what you can’t secure to the frame or else you might come back to something like this.

Remove lights, quick release wheels as well as things like helmets.  These maybe aren’t as expensive to replace but are still a pain the neck if you come back to your bike to find these things gone.

Watch this

And if the worst happens..

If you bought your bike from us, we will have your bike frame number which is super handy when you report it to the police. Simply contact us or pop into one of our shops to find out your frame number.

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