2nd November 2016

Lights, Camera, Action! Video camera bike lights by Cycliq


A Cycliq Fly combines a high power bicycle light and a high definition video/stills action camera in one single unit.

This makes perfect sense when you consider that taking film footage of your rides, whether it’s to capture magical moments or to offer fellow road users an extra incentive to keep their distance, has grown from a minority interest to mainstream over the past 10 years or so. Similarly, more accessibly priced high-power lights make night riding a more viable option whether for commuting or for nocturnal larking about.

Cycliq Fly12 £275

Cycliq Fly 12 camera light for bikes

This front light pumps out 400 lumens, it takes 1,080 pixel pics and it’s WiFi, Bluetooth and Strava compatible. Picture quality is excellent and surprisingly non shaky for a handlebar-mounted camera. Smart features include a motion detector – if anyone touches the bike when it’s parked, the Fly12 will sound an alarm and alert your phone.

Cycliq Fly6 £119


The rear unit combines a 30 lumen lamp (very bright for a tail light) with a camera. Like the Fly12, you can opt to use its camera and light functions independently or simultaneously.

Why combined tech makes sense

Combining a camera and light into one unit takes up less space and weighs less than two separate units. Because it multi-tasks, you’re more likely to always take your Cycliq Fly with you, making it intrinsically more useful.

It’s a bit like an iPhone. 10 years ago, before smartphones existed, if you were going a trip, you might choose between taking a camera, an iPod, a mobile phone, a GPS, a radio and so on but you would rarely take them all so, inevitably, there would be occasions when you didn’t have the tech you required. Now you just take your iPhone and you’re pretty much covered.

Same with a Cycliq Fly. If you go night riding, you might primarily use it as a light, but it’s great to know you always have a camera to hand when a picture opportunity presents itself.

You might use it in video mode to film a day out, but if the ride takes longer than planned and night falls (as has probably happened to every cyclist) you know you have a great quality light to see you home. Win-win.

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