9th October 2019

The Four Best Tyres for Winter Cycling

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Winter Tyres

If you’re planning to prepare your bike for wetter and perhaps thorn-strewn autumn and winter roads and trails, we hugely recommend the latest generation of better gripping, more puncture resistant 4-season tyres – instead of specialist winter tyres.

The great thing about 4-season tyres is that they make for more confident riding in sketchy conditions without overtly compromising your bike’s performance when road or trail conditions are perfect.

You’ll discover that you can fit 4-season bicycle tyres and never want for better – just as more and more savvy, low-mileage UK drivers get on fine running winter car tyres all year round.

Hybrid/Commuting Bike Tyres: Schwalbe Marathon GT365 Tyre 

Size: 700×38, suitable for most commuter/hybrid, adventure, gravel, trekking and cross-style bikes

schwalbe marathon gt365 dualguard tyre cycling

This latest addition to the near-impenetrable puncture-resistant Schwalbe Marathon range features a robust all-weather tread, which guarantees superb grip in all but the most icy conditions (for which you can order Schwalbe Spike Tyres). Their 700×38 size makes GT365 tyres perfect for most adventure / gravel / hybrid / trekking / cross-style bikes.

Mountain Bike Tyres: Maxxis Shorty Folding 3C Exo TR Tyre 27.5″

Size: 27.5×2.3″/29×2.3″, suitable for most mountain bikes

winter tyres | winter mountain bike tyres | Maxxis Shorty Folding 3C Exo TR Tyre Designed for wet, muddy and loose conditions, these tyres dish out huge amount of traction. As well as 27.5″, it’s available in the 29″ too. “A lightweight over rocks, but super fast and superb in slippery slop” – BikeRadar.

Road Bike Tyres: Vittoria Rubino Pro Endurance G+

Size: 700×25/28, for road bikes

Vittoria Rubino Pro Endurance G+ Foldable Tyre 700c | winter tyres | winter road bike tyres

Fast durable 4-seasons road bike tyre with exceptional grip (even in sub-zero temperatures) and puncture resistance from an expert Italian bicycle tyre maker.

Specialized All Condition Armadillo Tyre 700C

Size: 700×23/25/28, for road bikes

Specialized All Condition Armadillo Tyre 700C | winter tyres | winter road bike tyre

“The All Condition Armadillo continues to be the leading tyre for anyone who needs top performance blended with puncture-resistance. This workhorse tyre is impressively robust for touring and commuting, as well as being tough enough to navigate the roughest road conditions.” – Specialized


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2 comments on “The Four Best Tyres for Winter Cycling

  1. Martin on

    I’m surprised you don’t refer to winter specific tyres, e.g. Schwalbe Marathon Winter or Suomi Extreme. Given the cities your shops are based in, I’d have thought tyres that can deal well with ice would be top of your list for winter tyres.

    • Web Master on

      Hi Martin, thanks for commenting. We opted to highlight 4-season tyres in this blog but we might do a winter specific tyre blog in the future


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