20th May 2016

Out Top 5 Best-Selling Road Bikes this Spring


Who better to recommend a collection of bicycles than our customers themselves? As the better weather has kicked in this Spring, road bikes have come back out of hibernation and started flying off the Bike Co-op shelves. Below is the definitive list of our best-selling road bikes of the season.

Four out of five of our best selling road bikes are from Giant and their genre-defining Defy sportive road bike range

Why Defy?

In test after test at every price point, the Giant Defy consistently proves itself as offering the perfect balance of speed matched with a smooth compliant ride.

Rave reviews of Giant Defy bikes have become as deserved and frequent as adulation for Jimi Hendrix in the 1960s, going by this sample of Defy reviews from Cycling Weekly, Cycling Plus, Cycling Active and ourselves.

1. Giant Defy 1 Disc 2016 £999

Giant Defy 1 Disc 2016 road bike

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We sincerely believe in the principle, ‘the customer is always right’, so when our customers ‘vote’ for the Giant Defy 1 Disc 2016 by making it our runaway best seller, there’s a good chance that it probably is the best value road bike we do. That’s quite a statement when you consider there are five less expensive Defy options to choose from – each one sharing the Defy 1 Disc’s geometry and some of its key features.

What makes the Giant Defy 1 Disc truly exceptional is that it offers the most complete set of features you’ll get for just under £1,000.

  • A lighter weight SL version of Giant’s signature Aluxx aluminium frame with skinnier, more shock-absorbing seat stays.
  • Super-reliable smooth-shifting Shimano 105 STI 2×11 Dual Control shifters and mechs with matching Shimano RS500 chainset.
  • TRP Spyre mechanical disc brakes for lower maintenance all-weather performance ‘The best non-hydraulic road bike stoppers we’ve used.’ road.cc.
  • Lighter weight, shock-damping carbon fork blades with tapered OverDrive Steerer for pinpoint steering accuracy.
  • Equally shock-damping Giant D-fuse carbon seatpost.
  • PowerCore bottom bracket for maximum pedalling efficiency.
  • Giant P-R2 wheels with smoother-rolling sealed bearing hubs.
  • Classic road geometry (72.5 degree head tube angle / 73.5 degree seat tube angle for medium-size frame) matches speed potential with all-day comfort.


As with every adult bike we do, if you buy a Giant Defy 1 from us, we’ll reward you with your choice of kit to the value of 15% of the price of the bike. That’s £149.85 worth – enough to upgrade the bike with a matching pair of Shimano SPD-SL 105 pedals and Shimano R065 Road Shoes at no extra cost

2. Cannondale CAADX 105 2016 £999

Cannondale CAADX 105 2016 road bike

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Second in our top 5, this handsome Cannondale is also a disc-brake and Shimano 105-equipped road bike, but this time in a cyclo-cross style with 700×35 tyres (over 700×25) which make the CAADX even more forgiving over cobblestones and dirt roads and, arguably, just as fast. See Continental’s article, why wider tyres are faster.


The CAADX also qualifies for our FREE15 offer. Buy this bike and you qualify for £149.85 worth of free stuff. What a great opportunity to upgrade to a Mips helmet such as a Giro Foray, and still leave change to invest in a decent track pump to keep those road tyres properly inflated and a nice Endura jersey to look the part.

3. Giant Defy Advanced 2 2016 £1,299

giant defy advanced 2 2016 road bike

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Q: When the £999 Giant Defy Disc is so perfect, why consider the Defy Advanced 2, which is almost identically spec’d apart from the frame?

A: Hand-crafted by the world’s number one carbon frame manufacturer – Giant – the carbon frame’s extra stiffness and lighter weight will help you get to the top of every hill faster.


The more you spend the greater the payback, so buying the Defy Advanced 2 entitles you to £194.85 off a pair of outrageously lovely Giro Empire Shoes.

4. Giant Defy Advanced 1 2016 £1,599

giant defy advanced 1 2016

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The Advanced 1 is arguably our best looking Giant Defy here, and the smoothest shifting too, courtesy of its Shimano Ultegra STI dual-control 2×11 drivetrain.


Spending £1,599 takes your FREE15 payback up to £239.85. Can’t think what to spend it on? Don’t worry. We’ll give you a gift voucher to that value so you can spend it at your leisure.

5. Giant Defy 4 2016 £599

Giant Defy 4 2016 road bike

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With its Aluxx butted aluminium frame; its carbon composite fork with OverDrive alloy steerer, and it Shimano Claris STI dual-control 2×8 drivetrain, the Giant Defy 4 gets the fundamentals spot-on. The result: a genuinely sportive-capable road bike whose performance transcends its entry-level price.


Like every adult bike we sell, if you buy a Giant Defy 4 from us, we’ll reward you with your choice of kit up to 15% of the price of the bike.

That’s £78.75! Enough to equip the bike with Giant’s new £30 Speedshield Mudguard Set, specifically designed to transform any alloy frame Defy or Avail into an all-weather commuter bike, plus a selection of essentials such as a Park I-Beam Multitool, a Lezyne Trigger Drive CO2, one of our lovely new Elite Crystal Ombra Bottles and a Specialized Cascade Cage to carry it in.

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