19th August 2018

Best Road Bikes Under £1,000


Best Road Bikes Under £1,000 | Budget road bikes | Cheap road bikes | Ladies road bikes

Looking for a road bike that won’t break the bank? We’ve come up with a list of the best road bikes that you can get for under £1,000.

The good news is that for £1,000 – you can get a lot of road bike for your money. In fact, you might not have to spend anything like £1,000 to get the bike you’re after. Several of the best bikes under £1,000 we’ve picked out come in at closer to £800… which leaves you £200 for accessories, upgrades or even a weekend cycling trip.

All Road Bikes Under £1,000

Best Road Bikes under £1,000 – what to look for

So what can you expect to get in a sub £1,000 road bike?

  • The Frame: it’s likely to be aluminium alloy at this price point. Carbon frames are significantly more expensive. However, technology has moved on over the years and these alloy frames are now relatively lightweight, stiff and comfortable. You’ll also probably find frame styles with a slightly more relaxed (i.e. upright) geometry. This makes it more comfortable for the rider. This relaxed positioning is perfect if you’re getting in to road cycling or if you don’t want a more aggressive geometry, designed for racing. Take a look at our road bike buying guide if you’re not quite sure what frame type you want.
  • The groupset (gearing, brakes and controls): expect to see Shimano groupsets as this Japanese brand is dominant in this price bracket. You’ll definitely come across Shimano Tiagra groupsets but you’ll also find the more expensive (and better performing) 105 on some bikes. Disc brakes are common and provide better stopping in the wet.
  • Wheels and tyres: to keep the price under £1,000 manufacturers are not going to give you world-class wheels. Often you’ll find own brand tyres/wheels but as long as they’re reliable and robust, you should be ok. However, tyres make for a straightforward upgrade that can have a big impact of performance.

To make sure you’re not spending more than you need to, remember to check if your employer is part of a Cycle to Work scheme. There are valuable tax savings to be made if you buy through that. We also have great interest free credit options if you want to make monthly payments.

Best Road Bikes under £1,000

Giant Contend SL 2 2019 – £999

Best road bikes under £1,000 | Giant Contend SL 2 2019 | Budget Road Bike

Looking to upgrade your road bike? Then the Giant Contend SL 2 2019 is a great option. It comes with alloy frame tubing and Shimano Tiagra 2×10 gearing making it a best buy in sportive-ready road bikes. Designed with a slightly more upright riding position, the Giant Contend SL 2 2019 is a more comfortable bike that others the market, particularly if you’re clocking up the miles on long rides. Particularly as it also comes with a D-Fuse composite seatpost for road-smoothing compliance.

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Liv Avail 1 – £725

Best road bikes under £1,000 - Liv Avail 1 | Best Women's Road Bike | Ladies Road Bike| Budget Road Bike

Yes, you right the price right. For less than £750 you can get a ladies road bike that is rated 10/10 by Cycling Weekly. Far from being a basic road bike with little comfort, handling or braking confidence, the Liv Avail 1 comes with Shimano Sora gearing for challenging and varied riding like you might find on a sportive event or long distance ride. As well as coming with a short reach due to its women’s specific frame, the women’s saddle also makes for a comfortable ride.

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Specialised Allez Sport – £850

Best Road Bikes under £1,000 | Specialised Allez Sport 2018 | Budget Road Bike

If you’re looking for a bike that will let you ride fast over longer distances such as sportive events, the Specialised Allez Sport should be strongly considered. With a shorter reach and a lower seat tube along with slightly more relaxed frame geometry, road shock is absorbed while you remain comfortable, even with long days in the saddle. However, you could also use this bike for commuting and touring as it has compatible with full length mudguards and rear rack.

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Whyte Devon Compact 2018 – £999

Best road bikes under £1,000 | Whyte Devon Compact 2019 Road bike | budget road bike | men and women's road bikes

Not just for women, this compact design would suit smaller adults or teenagers who are looking for a bike for gravel, adventure, touring , commuting or sportive riding. The Whyte Devon Compact comes with Shimano Sora 2×9 shifters making climbing hills easier and flat roads faster. The TRP HyRd flat mount disc brakes are cable operated but offer the adjustability and power previously reserved for hydraulic brakes. To reduce weight and improve comfort and steering performance, Whyte have upgraded this bike with a carbon fork.

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Specialized Allez Elite – £1,050

Best road bikes under £1,000 | Specialized Allez Elite 2018 | Budget road bikes

It’s a little over budget but we’ve squeezed it in anyway! It’s not called an Elite model for nothing! We have long been fans of the Specialized Allez road bikes and this model is no different. The carbon fork makes for a lightweight bike with great vertical compliance and lateral stiffness. This means you’ll benefit from smoother riding and sharp steering and an altogether more enjoyable ride. Particularly when the Shimano 105 2×11 drivetrain making gear changing shifting slick, simple and intuitive.

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Genesis Zeal 20 MGT 2018  – £999 [was £1,699] [NO LONGER AVAILABLE]

Best road bikes under £1,000 | Genesis Zeal 20 MGT 2018 Road Bike | Budget road bikes

So this bike only squeezes into our road bikes under £1,000 category because we’ve got over 40% off so you’re getting a lot of bike for your money! If you’re looking for a state of the art road bike then this is a good choice as it combines the latest carbon fibre technology with Shimano 105 2×11 drivetrain for reliable and powerful performance.

 Whyte Dorset 2019 – £999

Best road bikes under £1,000 | Whyte Dorset 2019 Road Bike | Budget road bikes

Whyte bikes are made to ride in UK and in our ‘wonderful’ weather but the hydraulic disc brakes will give you confident braking no matter what the conditions are. As Isaac from the Canonmills, Edinburgh shop says: “The Dorset’s stable and comfortable riding position and top class components means that this multi-purpose adventure bike excel in all conditions whether your way to work, out with family, or tackling a 40/50 miler!”

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Best Road Bikes Under £1,000 | Budget road bikes | Cheap road bikes | Mens Ladies road bikes

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