9th August 2017

Best hardtails for under a grand: Whyte 800-series 2019 mountain bikes

LAST UPDATED 12 December 2019
best hardtail mountain bikes | Whyte 2019 | best hardtails

The Whyte 801 mountain bike, showing tree roots who’s boss.

best hardtail mountain bikes | Whyte | best hardtails

Whyte’s 801, 802 and 805 mountain bikes have always been about offering the key elements of Whyte’s multi award winning 900-series trail hardtails at more wallet-friendly prices.

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With every Whyte 800 model now being built on an even more trail-worthy SCR (Single Chain Ring) frame, optimised for its 1×10 drivetrain and new-for-2019 wide-range 11-46t cassettes – we can safely say this that the Whyte 800 range is certainly on any list when looking for best hardtails available today.

What’s more, Whyte’s all-new 800-series bikes are still under a grand. Not bad when you consider their 900-series hardtails are coming in at between £1,399 and £2,199.

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best hardtail mountain bikes | Whyte 801 2020 | best hardtails

Whyte 801 2020: £899

800-series bikes go 1×10

Every Whyte 800-series 2020 hardtail now comes with a 1×10 drivetrain, giving you all the gears you’re likely to need in a more logical, easier to use format – why this is a very good thing.

Streamlining the drivetrain means that every Whyte 800-series frame is now built on a Whyte SCR (Single Chainring Frame) previously reserved for their 4-figure MTBs.

best hardtail mountain bikes | Whyte 802 2020 | best hardtails

Whyte 802 Compact 2020: £899

Short Chainstays

Thanks to the one-by drivetrain, there’s no need for clearance for a second (and possibly a third) chainring. This has enabled Whyte to further reduce the length of their frames’ already famously short chainstays by a further centimetre.

Shorter chainstays make the bike more agile and help create a more dynamic ride you’ll appreciate on every switchback and berm. Or as Whyte perfectly put it:

Because driving a barge is dull we keep the back ends super short whatever the wheel size to guarantee the hop and pop agility you need to bring the trail alive.’

This reference to chainstay length takes us to the most significant factor that singles out Whyte hardtails as the best money can buy for riding UK trailsGEOMETRY.


best hardtail mountain bikes | Whyte 805 2020 | best hardtails

Whyte 805 2020: £999

Whyte Geometry – a primer

  1. A Whyte 800-series hardtail combines a slack 66.5˚ degree head tube angle with a long front centre
  2. This positions the front wheel further forward to make the bike more stable, so you’re far less likely to be bundled over the bars on steep downhills
  3. The long front centre also helps ensure the steering self corrects on tight switchbacks to keep you (literally) on track
  4. The low centre of gravity ‘glues’ the bike to the ground as you swoop through these corners
  5. The short stem compensates for the long front centre so the bike doesn’t overstretch you
  6. The short chainstays make for snappy, responsive steering as do the wide 740mm bars (a centimeter wider than last year’s)

If you need further convincing that Whyte truly are the world masters of MTB frame geometry, check how the handling of their bikes is the key factor that every mountain bike journalist raves about when they test a Whyte. Check these rave reviews.

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best hardtail mountain bikes | Whyte | best hardtails

Shop All Mountain Bikes | best hardtail mountain bikes | Whyte | best hardtails

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