28th February 2017

The Top 6 Cycling Routes in London, by real Londoners

tobaccodockThe UK’s capital is a place of extraordinary history and culture – and what better way to enjoy it than by bicycle? Avoid the busiest city centre streets and enjoy London’s markets, galleries, parks and pubs with the best cycling routes in London, according to real Londoners.

1. East London culture run

6.3 miles – Route Map

“Start at Brick Lane for the vintage gear and vinyl records, as well as the bustling market crowds, before heading south where you’ll see the world’s oldest Grand Music Hall. Then it’s through the peaceful docks and into the Cockney heartland.” – Fancy Lamp, a small creative studio in East London

2. North London markets and waterways

10.5 miles – Route Map

“Start at one of London’s oldest food markets – Borough market – then head along Regent’s Canal to Victoria Park, followed by Broadway Market, Angel, and then Camden Town. The route is best on weekdays when it’s nice and quiet. It takes me anywhere between 3 and 6 hours to complete depending on how many stops I make along the way!” – Jakub

a31febbc6589bf5d9a5967c249d74f6f3. South London boutiques and leafy parks

7.3 miles – Route Map

“Bring a rucsac with you for this one for all the bits and bobs you’re going to buy along the way. I’d recommend a full Saturday too. You’ll be passing through South London’s local markets, its boutique-lined streets and leafy parks. There are a couple of short climbs along the way but nothing too strenuous. Enjoy!” – Hollie

4. East London Museums, Craft Beer and Street Art

10.5 miles – Route Map

“Starting at Spitalfields Market, which has been running for 350 years, and ending at a local micro-brewery at Olympic Park, this cycling route takes in all the sights, sounds and tastes that East London has to offer. The route also goes through serene Victoria Park for a break from the city hustle and bustle.” – Christine


5. North London Markets and Victorian City Squares

7.1 miles – Route Map

“Be prepared to enjoy some beautiful architecture for this one – you’ll get to see several city squares from the Victorian Era, featuring Gothic, Italianate and Classical styles. The route also takes in several local markets, from multicultural Brick Lane to the classy stalls of Spitalfields.” – Tom

6. Cafes and Rooftop Bars in Peckham

7.6 miles – Route Map

“Peckham is a great neighbourhood full of hidden gems where me and my girlfriend love to go cycling on weekends. It has a whole bunch of lovely cafes, art galleries, rooftop bars and independent cinemas, as well as a relaxing park where you can unwind.” – Alberto


For more information about enjoying London by bicycle, check out Expedia’s London City Cycling

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