5th March 2019

Best Commuter Road Bike

Best Commuter Road Bike

What is a Commuter Road Bike?

Often, commuter bikes are known as hybrid bikes or city bikes. They’re a little bit of a mix – designed to be ridden on a variety of roads, paths and slightly rough terrain. Their tyres are not chunky mountain bikes but they’re not skinny road bike ones either. They tend to have flat handlebars rather than the drop bars you see on most road bikes. They often have a little suspension but not as much as you would find on a mountain bike which is made for riding on rough off road conditions. Basically, they’re all-rounders.

However, that doesn’t suit everyone’s commute. If you know your commute is on roads you might want to consider a bike with more road bike options and that type of bike is called a Commuter Road Bike. Commuter road bikes have thinner tyres than a standard hybrid or commuter bike. These thinner tyres cause less friction (and therefore more speed). However, although a road bike might be fast and nimble, they often lack the features you would need in a commuting bike. For example, comfort is key – you’re not racing your colleagues – you just want to get to work in an efficient time – so opting for a more comfortable position with flatbar handles rather than a racing position with drop bars could be ideal. Pannier racks to carry your laptop, clothes, lunch bag etc might also be a must for you and these are often found on commuter road bikes. Fore more details, read the full blog on what is a flatbar road bike.

What is the Best Commuter Road Bike?

We can’t decide that for you. But we’ll round up some of our favourites for you to decide.

Specialized Sirrus Disc – £550

Specialized Sirrus Disc | Best Commuter Road BikeWhy this is one of our best commuter road bikes:

  • A great value bike at just £19.02/month if you use one of our finance options.
  • The strong yet lightweight A1 Premium butted aluminium frame comes with rack and mudguard mounts.
  • Great value doesn’t mean basic parts – this bike has Promax hydraulic disc brakes, Shimano Altus 3×8 transmission Specialized Nimbus all-rounder 700×32 tyres


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Whyte Shoreditch – £699

Whyte Shoreditch | Best Commuter Road Bike

Why this is one of our best commuter road bikes:

  • We believe it’s a dream hybrid. Read more.
  • It comes with a carbon fork which reduces weight, improves comfort, aerodynamics and steering.
  • Custom dropouts enable Whyte to mount the rear hydraulic disc brake caliper inside the rear triangle, making it rack and mudguards compatible.

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Specialized Sirrus Sport – £775

Specialized Sirrus Sport | Best Commuter Road BikeWhy this is one of our best commuter road bikes:

  • Available in several colours, frame sizes and two styles: men (or unisex) and women
  • Several upgrades over the Sirus disc including being specc’d with a Specialized FACT carbon fork
  • Features borrowed from mountain bike technology including the Through-axle front wheel and Tektro hydraulic disc brakes


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Whyte Portobello – £799

Whyte Portobello | Best Commuter Road Bike Why this is one of our best commuter road bikes:

  • Shimano Deore 1×10 Simplified Gear Shifting. Read more on this.
  • Tektro Auriga hydraulic disc brakes which give consistent confidence-inspiring braking.
  • Massive 650b x 47c tyres to smooth out kerbs, potholes and cobbles.

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Liv Thrive 1  – £899

Liv Thrive 1 | Best Commuter Road BikeWhy this is one of our best commuter road bikes:

  • Designed specifically for women
  • Tubeless tyres for smoother riding and fewer flats. Read more.
  • The carbon composite seatpost dampens any shocks from bumpy roads.

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Best flat bar road bike | Best commuter road bike

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