19th January 2015

The Best Climbs of Summer make for Winter Inspiration


Our Alan Nestor (who has conquered some serious cols) urges you to check out the Col Collective’s series of videos where Mike Cotty (Cannondale and Mavic’s UK brand ambassador) tackles some of the most famous climbs of Le Tour de France, the Giro d’Italia and the Vuelta a España. Each video is edited down to an average six minute length, but that’s still long enough to give you a real flavour of what’s you can look forward to should you sign up for a trip or an étape in the tyre tracks of heroes.

This is a really nice series documenting some of the most iconic and extraordinary climbs in the world. Having ridden some of the featured hills it adds an extra element to the viewing pleasure although not many will make it look as smooth and ‘effortless’ as Mike Cotty. Watching the videos was, at times, a great reminder of great days and sometimes a great revelation! Despite having raced on Galibier twice some sections on the video were news to me! (My style is more head down and fight the mountain, I’m afraid!)

Is it possible to pick a favourite climb? I really don’t know! Galibier has beaten me up twice but I would do again it tomorrow – or at least after the snow clears! I had a great day on the Giau where everything went so well. For that reason it is a little less memorable than when the mountains fight back.

One thing is for sure – the videos might be enough to get you through the dark days of winter and really whet the appetite to have a another tilt at the high mountains.

What are your favourites from the list and why? What are you planning in 2015? Please leave a comment below.

Alan Nestor

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