1st March 2017

Be an electric bike reviewer, win £100

Are you electric-bike-curious, or an electro-sceptic? Either way, we want 3 people to borrow one of our latest commuter/hybrid e-bikes and to write a review. You can be old, young, male, female, athletic or otherwise… We want variety!

We’ll need you to pick up and drop off the bike from your local Bike Co-op, and to thank you for the effort we’ll give you a £100 voucher. Just apply below.

14 comments on “Be an electric bike reviewer, win £100

  1. Mark Kettle on

    From Aberdeen and would appreciate the opportunity to review one of your bikes as I gave been more than impressed with your service and quality of the revolution wraith I bought.

  2. Alan MacFarlane on


    I’d love to test ride an electric bike. I’m 47 years old and cycle to work most days. I live in tranent, east Lothian and work in ocean terminal, Edinburgh. It’s a cycle of just under 11 miles which I currently complete on a revolution street finder. It takes me 40 to 45 minutes on the way there and 50 to 55 on the way back due to the last 3 uphill miles.

  3. David Bradshaw on

    Very keen on the electric bike concept. It must be the future. I am an electric car owner but I am thinking the bike is a far more powerful world changer. I couldn’t catch an aged French lady with her shopping when I was returning to my car after cycling up Ventoux to watch Mr Froome trotting up there!

  4. Nicola Harrison on

    I’m a keen cyclist, road and mtb. Just recovering from a mtb injury and had a 10 minute experience with another injured riders ebike so would love to try one for a full weekend! I’m active on social media and would be happy to include the review on my accounts there… They’re all bike related!
    Also a previous happy customer of Edinburgh cycles

  5. Wilson on

    Great compo, love to win it, just recovered from two major knee operations, 66 next week and cycling Scotland’s bridges to recover muscle tone, did Aberdeen to Perth and Perth to Linlithgow three weeks ago and Dundee to Perth through Fife last week. Great.

  6. Susanne Mueller on

    I’d love to share a review with and hopefully help getting more people on bikes. I strongly believe ebikes can be part of a wee active travel revolution. A good review can help nudging a curious person…. And hopefully become ebike rider in the future.

  7. Chris Harte on

    I would love to see how my commute would differ on an EBike to my normal Road Bike. I often partake is social domestic commuter racing.

  8. Norm Dyer on

    I’m a middle aged life long cyclist, currently on a much loved Ridgeback. Tried an electric bike some time ago but found it heavy with a limited range. I’d appreciate the opportunity to see how much they have improved.

  9. Joe Darke on

    Sounds a great way for getting about Edinburgh. Would definetely be keen to give it a go. Did alot of cycling when lived in Ireland. But not as much since got back , electric bike sounds the jump start may need.

  10. Lee Woolston on

    Please consider me for the e-bike tester. I work as a Bikeability instructor on Tyneside and cover 15-20 miles a day in the course of work. Testing an e-bike would provide an interesting talking point for kids on the course and add to my riding experience.


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